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(50)FalcoRe:An additional option for Desktop Movie2013.07.15 8:10:46
If you don't use the playlist but the 'Load File' item in the context menu the opened movie repeats forever.
Replied: Aditya Hegade - An additional option for Desktop Movie (49) Reply
(49)Aditya HegadeAn additional option for Desktop Movie2013.07.13 5:09:09
Hi Falco,
Your Desktop Movie is a great software. Thank you for it.
However, I think it would be great if there was an option for looping individual videos. The videos in my playlist are very small, less than a minute and so they keep changing very fast.
Thank you
(48)FalcoRe:Sony Virtual Remote Control 1.1.52013.07.08 11:09:47
I'm glad you consider my program to be useful.
Anyway I don't think the command line switch is the best option.
I have implemented COM/OLE server in vremote.exe. Only 2 methods namely SendIRCC('irc command string') and HideForm(0/1).
You can download it from here:
In the zip archive you can find the new exe and 2 examples how to use it.

1. You have to change your old vremote.exe to the new one in the same folder where the config files of vremote.exe can be found.
2. Start vremote.exe and in the right click context menu click 'Register server'.
3. Now you can try the 2 examples: a. javascript script b. old vb6 exe (with source).
Replied: baiju xavior - Sony Virtual Remote Control 1.1.5 (47) Reply
(47)baiju xaviorSony Virtual Remote Control 1.1.52013.06.30 8:34:40
Thanks for this awesome tool. I can now control my 40HX750 3D TV from PC. It even allows me to change the 3D mode.
It will be great if you can add a command line argument option. This option is useful for me (and 3d users) to automatically switch the tv to 3d mode whenever I am playing a 3d movie from XBMC. We are working to add 3d functionalty to xbmc. Please see the development forum.
What I basically want is an option to run the exe file hidden and send a command line like 'D' which is programmed to send 'mode3d' command. If possible please add this functionality to your existing app. It will be great if you can provide the source code or the design logic. All I want is to send a command to the tv using a hidden window. I hope you understand my idea.
Thanks and looking forward to your reply
baiju xavior
(46)FalcoRe:MIDI Player2013.03.29 13:12:14
Hi Scott!

If you have already connected your device to your sound card, you should select your sound card's external midi port for output port (usually called 'Midi out').
You can do this in the 'device settings' dialog (right click context menu, or the midi plug like icon on the left side of the midi player).
Replied: Scott Canavan - MIDI Player (45) Reply
(45)Scott CanavanMIDI Player2013.03.28 16:16:19
Greetings Zoltan,
Thank you for your freeware MIDI player!
I wish to transfer MIDI software from my computer
(Windows 7 64-Bit OS) to an external device (a guitar looper).
I have a USB/MIDI cable set up and your program loads my software file
and plays it. However, my external device does not register the software
as received. Is there a certain output channel that I need to select within your
MIDI Player program?
Thank you very much for your time in response,
(44)FalcoRe:Re:Re:midi player2013.02.22 16:43:35
Ok, I got it. This button calls the sndvol32 component that existed from Win9x to WinXP but was removed from Vista .So it won't work even in Xp mode. I think it is possible to achieve this, but my program is not a sequencer so you have to use an independent player for other sources and select the 'stereo mix' line of your soundcard for recording source.
Replied: David - Re:Re:midi player (43) Reply
(43)DavidRe:Re:midi player2013.02.22 16:22:53
Hi Falco
Thank you for your reply
I will try the player in XP mode as it is an easy option to activate on my version of Vista
The Button I was referring to is under the Level Meter to the right of the display with the Microphone Symbol super imposed.
The scroll over produces Select MIDI or Mix and I assume it is to turn the Microphone on/off
Perhaps it will do something in XP Mode.
If this function is working, is it possible to Layer Voice and /or Analog Audio while playing MIDI?
I currently have it playing through Cool Soft Synth and use It's MIDI Mapper to select my sound font - Works Great!
Again Thanks a Bunch
Replied: Falco - Re:midi player (42) Reply
(42)FalcoRe:midi player2013.02.21 17:53:35
Hi David!
Thanks for your kind words. The program was born in the WinXP era when direct hardware access to audio mixer lines and other audio hardware controls was possible.
So in case of a Soundblaster card the bass and treble controls are available in WinXP but not in later MS oses. Since Vista's new audio stack is more restricted many features do not work. But you can try setting the program's compatibility mode to XP SP2, it may work. Sorry, but I don't know what "Midi Mix" button you're talking about.
Replied: David Dubie - midi player (41) Reply
(41)David Dubiemidi player2013.02.21 16:26:59
I have just started to experiment with your wonderful midi player.
Thank you for this helpful software.
Could you please provide some information for the " MIDI Mix " Control ( Button ) and the " Bass and Treble Sliders function.
I use Vista and Ubuntu on HP dv7 Pavilion AMD Turion x 2 - 8 GB RAM
with a ton of music studio software on both OS's
Again thank you for your consideration of this request
(40)FalcoRe:Contact Partner2013.01.25 17:11:53
Dear lebinh!
My answer is no and here is why:
Your site and many other download sites mark the backlink to my site with the attribute rel="nofollow".
This kind of link exchange doesn't make any sense.
Replied: lebinh - Contact Partner (39) Reply
(39)lebinhContact Partner2013.01.25 15:01:52
Can you help me place my logo on your website.
I listed your software on website.
I hope approved from your company.
(38)FalcoRe:Sony Virtual Remote2013.01.11 10:28:58
Sorry, but I can't help more without seeing the UPnP device document of the device. The manual doesn't help here. If you have more infos send private mail to me
Replied: Martin - Sony Virtual Remote (37) Reply
(37)MartinSony Virtual Remote2013.01.11 3:37:36
thanks for the super fast reply! About the 790, I'll try along the lines of your discussion with Justin, great.
About the SONY 5700ES, I mistyped in an important way: I said "It claims it has the ability to be controlled via IR.", but it should be "... via IP". Looking at the Amazon product page
it claims controlability via IP, IR, RS232. And it surely is networked, it supports DLNA and Win 7 "play to". I want to use it from Win 7, but "play to" can only do a few things related to the media and is far from controlling the full receiver. The full manual is here:
Thanks for any help you can offer, it is much appreciated!
Replied: Falco - Re:Sony Remote (36) Reply
(36)FalcoRe:Sony Remote2013.01.11 2:59:15
Hi Martin! Read back the conversation between Justin and me from message 25. He has a 790 and he succeeded in getting it to work. Regarding the receiver I think IR refers to real infrared remote control abilities not virtual. But if the device has network connectivity it may work.
Replied: Martin Berz - Sony Remote (35) Reply
(35)Martin BerzSony Remote2013.01.11 2:25:28
I really love the idea of your SONY remote control! Now I have two questions:
1) I have a 790 Blu Ray Player, does the remote work for it? You mention that it works for the 780.
2) I am thinking to buy a DA5700ES receiver. It claims it has the ability to be controlled via IR. Do you happen to know if your remote works for it too? Or if you don't know exactly, do you think it may work?
Thanks so much!
(34)Justin SokolowskiVirtual remote2013.01.02 16:48:39
Thanks Falco, My blu-ray works great. Today I'm getting my new tv(KDL-46HX850). Hopefully with all you taught me, it will go smoothly. Then in a few months a sony wi-fi receiver.
Thanks again for everything.
(33)FalcoRe:Desktop Movie Windows 7 Starter2013.01.02 10:51:50
Hi Mary !
I think the problem is that there is no (legal) way to change your background with windows 7 starter edition. Try google for "change background win7 starter" and set your background picture to none. Or you already have a background changer program that forces this behavior. You can try disabling it.
Replied: Mary - Desktop Movie Windows 7 Starter (32) Reply
(32)MaryDesktop Movie Windows 7 Starter2013.01.02 8:50:26
Hello, thanks for all your freeware gems! Could you please tell me whether Desktop Movie is supposed to work well on Windows 7 Starter? I've faced a problem: the movie appears for half a sec and then I can see my usual desktop wallpaper again but I still hear the soundtrack.
(31)FalcoRe:Sony virtual remote.2012.12.26 16:49:54
I'm glad you got it. There are as many commands as buttons on the Virtual remote (more than 50!). But you can associate any buttons with any commands. Choose the important ones! Communication with the device requires a working network. If the device is off it cannot receive http requests, so I suppose no.
Replied: Justin Sokolowski - Re:Re:Sony virtual remote. (30) Reply
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