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(180)FalcoRe:Desktop Movie 2.52015.04.29 16:19:04
Ok, next time. One day I will finally guess your exact desire right
Replied: Omar - Desktop Movie 2.5 (179) Reply
(179)OmarDesktop Movie 2.52015.04.29 14:45:13
Hi Falco, congratulacions for Desktop Movie 2.5, I have windows 8.1 64 Bits, and the software works very good, only a little thing, I would like, that Playlist begin in same point played the last time, for example, if Desktop Movie was turn off at one minute and five seconds, next time that is turn on begin at one minute and five seconds, is only my personal desire, because Desktop Movie 2.5 a great great software, thanks
(178)FalcoRe:Re:Desktop Movie Player - Video formats2015.04.24 8:44:04
That's definitely not the core issue.
I can easily play your 1080p video with desktop movie under Win8 on my 1680x1050 monitor.
Here is a screenshot about what filters are utilized.
Not only the decoder filter, but the splitter is important(audio filter is irrelevant, it can be e.g. ffdshow Audio Decoder).
If yours is different try Codec Tweak Tool to set the preferred splitter as well( it is labelled as Gabest).
I have not mentioned so far, but video card drivers can be a problem, too.
E.g. Intel is notorious to release drivers with broken hardware overlay support.
And please let's continue this conversation in private and not flame the Message board with directshow specific problems.
Replied: Troy - Re:Desktop Movie Player - Video formats (177) Reply
(177)TroyRe:Desktop Movie Player - Video formats2015.04.24 8:13:36
Well, I think I've figured out what the issue is. Any video that's equal to (or apparently greater) than 1080p (because that's my monitors resolution?) dies with the error. Of course I already tried all the "Movie Display" settings in the menu long ago, but they didn't help. Is there a setting somewhere I can change so that it can handle 1080p?
Replied: Troy - Re:Desktop Movie Player - Video formats (176) Reply
(176)TroyRe:Desktop Movie Player - Video formats2015.04.24 0:07:38
You're right, it's Win 8.1 and the directshow filter was still on Microsoft, so I changed it to ffdshow, thanks. So this is interesting, once I did that it went back to "Invalid floating point operation" same as K-Lite. But after trying dozens of videos, I found a folder full of videos that work...
Even if I had to reencode my videos to be compatible with ffdshow/directshow, I'd be happy, I just can't find a way...
Here's a link to a small example video that doesn't work:
Replied: Falco - Re:Re:Re:Desktop Movie Player - Video formats (175) Reply
(175)FalcoRe:Re:Re:Desktop Movie Player - Video formats2015.04.21 12:58:25
You have not mentioned what Operating System you use.
Based on your problem I suspect it's Windows 8 (but there are problematic Windows 7 configs as well).
Your problem must be the hard to override buggy default Windows mpeg4 decoder.
You should read the explanation and try Codec Tweak Tool.
You can check the used filters by clicking "Active Filters" context menu item of Desktop Movie.
If you don't see Ffdshow Video Decoder (but you see any MS decoder) then this is the solution for your problem.
Replied: Troy - Re:Re:Desktop Movie Player - Video formats (174) Reply
(174)TroyRe:Re:Desktop Movie Player - Video formats2015.04.21 10:09:03
OK, just for reference with everything uninstalled I am back to the "The format is not supported. ($80040265)." message, with the exception of my old camera avi video which still works. With ffdshow and MP4 splitter installed, my mp4 files will then open and play but they're back to the weird repeating interlaced videos like it was with CCCP.
Replied: Falco - Re:Desktop Movie Player - Video formats (173) Reply
(173)FalcoRe:Desktop Movie Player - Video formats2015.04.20 11:50:59
Hi Troy!
Let's consider MP4 playback as our goal. Then 2 things are needed.
1. MP4 splitter
2. Ffdshow
Before installing these components remove previously installed codec packs.
Replied: Troy - Desktop Movie Player - Video formats (171) Reply
(172)FalcoRe:nfsworld2015.04.20 11:17:10
Hi Paul !
Without leaked server side sources/binaries reconstructing the back-end is some kind of mission impossible.
A more realistic scenario would be patching the client side to work without a server in single player only mode.
Although this is not a one day effort either.
I suggest you not delete the game client after NFSW dies since some day a client only patch could be born just as happened with Motor City Online.
Replied: paul - nfsworld (170) Reply
(171)TroyDesktop Movie Player - Video formats2015.04.20 0:25:00
Hi there,
I am having troubles finding out what a proper "directshow" video is. I have an old video I recorded on my camera once that works with your program, but every other video I have doesn't work.
By default all the videos say format not supported. After googling, I understand this issue is to do with codecs. I installed K-Lite, but the videos just crashed with the errors mentioned in post 119 (Either "Invalid floating point operation" or an error with "$80040224"). I then tried CCCP, which lets the videos play but they come out garbled on screen. I tried converting a video into countless other formats to simulate the video from my camera, but none of them worked. I tried MPEG4 x264, MPEG4 xvid, MPEG2, MPJEG in mp4,avi,mkv, nothing works. Any suggestions either what to do about the codecs, or how to convert my videos to a format that will work?
(170)paul nfsworld2015.04.19 23:16:26
hello i seen your programing skills here with all your programs and i just wanted to ask if you have already or if you could build a program that will allow players to continue enjoying the nfsw game after they shut down the servers in july ? i might be able to host the server if i could get the files to do so , or do u think there is a way to add a connect to ip for the cleint side of nfsw ?Please can you help ?
(169)OmarDesktop Movie 2.42015.04.19 0:56:59
Thanks for answer soon, maybe I did not explain clear, I would like the play list play videos in random order, no sequential and save last position played, and thanks and congratulations for your great job, good night
(168)FalcoRe:Desktop Movie 2.42015.04.18 23:48:30
Hi Omar,
Desktop Movie 2.4 already has the ability to memorize video(s).
You should check Start Up->Restore Playlist context menu item.
Regarding randomize I have never utilized this feature in any players I have used so far so I have not felt the need for it.
But I'm going to consider it.
Replied: Omar - Desktop Movie 2.4 (167) Reply
(167)OmarDesktop Movie 2.42015.04.18 22:13:25
My Pc has Windows 8.1 64 bits, desktop Movie 2.4 works fine, I would like if I can put the play list in randomize mode or memorize last video played and continue next time in that point, thanks, excuse my englis is not fine, I am from Venezuela, regards
(166)FalcoRe:access violation "ATI_Encoder" win 7 642015.04.05 9:01:19
Maybe, but I suspect the error occurs at the decoding stage (since it's independent from the chosen output).
Decoding stage can vary from system to system since it uses the user installed directshow filters for the given format.
So try different codec pack, splitters etc.
It could be helpful to check what module drops the access violation, and what filters the 'Filter check' show.
Replied: Albert - access violation "ATI_Encoder" win 7 64 (165) Reply
(165)Albertaccess violation "ATI_Encoder" win 7 642015.04.05 0:53:30
access violation "ATI_Encoder" win 7 64
Catalyst 14.12 Win 7 64 extreme (no service pack)
Error shows up a bit wile after hitting "start"
Input file AVI, output any of present options.
Please, any suggestions?
May be 14.12 too new?
(162)FalcoRe:Midi Player 2.62015.02.12 15:16:37
Hi Raul,
1. I don't know what you mean by 'multichannel files'. General Midi defines 16 midi channels (with channel 10 reserved for percussion) and Midi Player naturally can handle these. If you mean type 1 multi-track midi files the answer is also yes, Midi Player can handle these.
2. Yes, you can control channel volumes. All the knobs on the user interface are per channel controls. You can choose the actual channel with the rightmost channel selector updown control.
Replied: raul - Midi Player 2.6 (161) Reply
(161)raulMidi Player 2.62015.02.12 14:08:58
This doesn't allow to play multichannel files?
If it does: can I control channelvolumes?
(160)Thomas DeSpainMidi Player 2015.02.04 0:39:20
Ok i did download like you said and it
is now Midi Player 2.1.6. Works find i like it very much. Thank You....
(159)FalcoRe:Midi Player 1.72015.02.03 6:10:18
I don't know where you downloaded MidiPlayer 2.6.1 from but on my site I have checked the file and it is the correct one.
Namely ''.
This is a portable software so there is no installer included. I suspect you used some other site's download manager that installed an older version.
Go to the windows software section and download directly by clicking the link 'Soundfont Midi Player 2.6.1'.
Replied: Thomas DeSpain - Midi Player 1.7 (158) Reply
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