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(10)FalcoRe:Re:Re:Phenom Tweaker2012.09.26 18:10:00
Thuban is the same Phenom II architecture except for the 2 extra cores and turbo boost, so these programs should work.
What does exactly "has no effect" mean? If you refer to the phenomenon of clock speed reset after idle or high-load periods this is due to active Cool 'n' Quiet AMD driver. If you want to manually adjust CPU clock speeds then you should disable Cool 'n' Quiet in the BIOS or set operating system power scheme to max performance.
Best Regards: Zoltán Bacskó

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(9)YuriRe:Re:Phenom Tweaker2012.09.26 17:40:18
Alas both Phenom II Tweaker and K10stat has no effect on my Thuban (?). I've just tuned up hot keys for AMD CCC profiles (its "CPU power" tab controls P-states) - that works pretty good. Though CCC is not little and nice .
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(8)FalcoRe:Phenom Tweaker2012.09.26 15:08:11
Hi Yuri !
You can download Phenom II Tweaker that supports phenom and phenom II p-state settings from the windows software section . But to tell you the truth if you only want to over/under clock your processor there are more complete solutions for windows platforms eg. K10stat.
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(7)YuriPhenom Tweaker2012.09.26 11:41:09
Hi, Zoltan! You've created nice little utility PWR (Phenom P-State setting), but it is DOS only, that narrows its usability a bit. Could You please recreate it as a nice little Windows x32/64 program? I believe it would be needed. Please.Thanks.
(6)FalcoRe:Thanks for help2012.09.20 18:00:27
You're welcome, Jack!
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(5)JackThanks for help2012.09.20 17:31:41
Hey Zoltan - I want to publicly THANK YOU for all your prompt help via multiple emails to solve my problem with your Virtual Remote. It now works great! From my laptop I can control Netflix on my TV via my Sony S580 Blu-Ray player. I hated having to "type" text into Netflix with up/down, left right letter entries - Now I can just type on my laptop keyboard directly. It's wonderful!

Zoltan YOU ROCK!!!
Thanks again.
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