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(70)FalcoRe:Vremote2013.09.30 11:17:33
Honestly, I don't know. But according to the specification it should work.
Replied: Justin Sokolowski - Vremote (69) Reply
(69)Justin SokolowskiVremote2013.09.30 10:36:08
Does the remote work with 7.2-channel 4K Wi-Fi Network A/V Receiver
Model number: STR-DN840
Thank you.
(68)FalcoRe:Midi Player 22013.09.29 15:00:36
You can invoke right click context menus in the application. By right clicking the main title you can get the main menu and by right clicking the playlist area you can get the playlist submenu. Regarding the Thai language support I have accidentally set the main label to display everything in ANSI characters. This will be corrected in the next version I'm currently working on.
Replied: adi - Midi Player 2 (67) Reply
(67)adiMidi Player 22013.09.29 12:07:58
Zoltan Bacsko
I am from Thailand. I use your Midi Player 2. It's quite good. But I can not
find how to show the Playlist.
And when playing midi,the name of the midi file is Thai but the name in the
top box is not. Dose the program support Thai.
Thanks Indeed
(66)Marcel van der SteenSony remote control2013.09.05 17:51:04
Thank you for this remotesoftware !! Now I can finaly controle the volume when playing music on my TV / BR set-up. without using my iPad / iPhone
(65)FalcoRe:Sony remote control2013.08.09 16:05:31
You're welcome
Replied: Mats62 - Sony remote control (64) Reply
(64)Mats62Sony remote control2013.08.09 13:39:11
I tried it today and I got every infrared codes with your Sony Remote Control application. Thank you !
(63)Mats62Re:Re:Sony remote control2013.08.08 10:55:10
Ok I will try it next days, because I'm working on linux ubuntu, so I'm not able to launch your application from the computer I'm using, I will try with a computer with windows.
Thank you for your quick answer !
Replied: Falco - Re:Sony remote control (62) Reply
(62)FalcoRe:Sony remote control2013.08.08 10:36:54
Start vremote.exe, choose your device and register virtual remote on your TV.
Then you can use the right click context menu item 'Get Command List'.
Replied: Mats62 - Sony remote control (61) Reply
(61)Mats62Sony remote control2013.08.08 10:24:15
I'm a student in computing Master (Lille, France) and I'm currently working on a application about UPnP devices control. One of the devices I'm trying to use is a Sony Bravia KDL-40EX720 (I saw you used a KDL-40EX520).
One of the UPnP services of the KDL-40EX720 is allowing me to use an Infrared code directly on the TV. But after few research hours, I'm not able to find any Infrared code for sony bravia TVs on internet.
That's why I'm writing you for asking this question : could you say me where did you find these infrared codes for your windows application "Sony remote control" please ? Or can you give me the infrared codes you have please ?
It would be very helpful for me to have these infrared codes for my application.
Thanks for a future answer and for your attention.
(60)FalcoRe:Desktop Movie Error2013.08.03 16:28:18
I don't use codec packs either . But it's easier to install them than using individual filters for each codec/container type.
As far as I remember for mp4 files I usually download ffdshow and/or
Replied: Nameless - Desktop Movie Error (59) Reply
(59)NamelessDesktop Movie Error2013.08.03 12:53:37
Oh!, so thats it, Which Codec pack you recommend me?, I had bad experiences
with them before, I use a lot video editors so i don't wanna mess up the Pc.
Thank you
+Your program is awesome!
(58)FalcoRe:Desktop Movie Error2013.08.03 10:09:07
as I have written in the readme the program uses the pre-installed directshow filters in the system to decode movies. So you should install a codec pack. You can click the 'Active Filters' menu item on the working PC to see what codecs Desktop Movie is actually using.
Replied: Nameless - Desktop Movie Error (57) Reply
(57)NamelessDesktop Movie Error2013.08.03 6:51:14
Hi, when i try to open a MP4 video, an error appears,
Cant play the file. The format is no compatible ($80040265)
Its strange, i have used this program before in other pc.
Thank you
(56)FalcoRe:midi-player channel control2013.07.31 14:11:40
The volume control knob, just like all the other knobs, affects only the actual channel. You can change the actual channel with the channel Up/Down control.
Replied: Menachem - midi-player channel control (55) Reply
(55)Menachemmidi-player channel control2013.07.31 14:03:46
How can the volume of a particular channel be changed without affecting the other channels? Thanks.
(54)FalcoRe:Great Software, two questions2013.07.21 18:28:41
1. On most Sony devices registration is required for text input (and query supported commands) to work. The av:X_CERS_ActionList_URL extension is required for registration. If your device does not support this extension but does not require registration then there is no problem.
But you should try text input and 'Get Command List' context menu item first to make sure everything is working.
2. The program has to write its own files in its own directory that is not permitted without admin rights in specific directories (eg. Program Files). But after you have made the initial setup and modifications no admin rights required to run the program.
Replied: CoolRaoul - Great Software, two questions (53) Reply
(53)CoolRaoulGreat Software, two questions2013.07.21 16:53:02
Congratulation for this nice tool,
I have two questions
At the device setup phase I do not have any message about "registration of falco_virtual_remote" on my device.
Instead, I've a warning popup which says "Cannot get Sony C_SERS URL". (but the the program works)
I've an UAC prompt at program startup, runnnng in non administrator mode is not en option?
(52)FalcoRe:Sony virtual remote.2013.07.16 9:29:11
Of course you can associate any commands your device support with any buttons of the virtual remote. You can set eg. the 'EXIT' button that is really redundant to send the IRC code of '3D MODE'. Howto can be found in the readme or on this site.
I don't use/know EventGhost but if it can send keyboard messages or better can call COM/OLE methods you can use it. See my message(48) below.
Replied: Eric - Sony virtual remote. (51) Reply
(51)EricSony virtual remote.2013.07.16 6:39:42
Hi, first of all I would like to say Thank You for the great software. I really enjoy it. I have a few questions if its possible. Can I add more IRCC command? Like 3D select command? Also is it possible for me to use EventGhost to control the IRCC command? Thank You.
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