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Falcosoft is just me, Zoltán Bacskó from Hungary . Download my free software from the specified links. All of the programs are portable and require no installation. If you have any problems or questions, or you need custom software solution send your mail to but you can place your questions, any comments on the message board too. In case you would like to support Falcosoft to continue developing free software, you can donate here through PayPal. Donations allow Falcosoft to add new features and release new versions moreover keep the software free of toolbars and adware. If you can't afford online payments but you like any of the software, click to promote them on Facebook and Google+.

Thanks in advance.


Historically Mandelbrot benchmark was my first online project and is derived from this experiment. It is close to my heart and that's the reason it has remained on the home page of my site. But telling the truth nowadays you have to be a really geeky power user to run Mandelbrot benchmark even in IE. So I suggest trying the javascript based benchmark and MandelX instead (both of which can be reached from the links below). Otherwise just look around the Windows and DOS software sections and find your favorite Falsosoft software.

Have fun.


Mandelbrot and Julia sets - HTML5 canvas implementation and browser javascript benchmark


MandelX - a DirectX powered stand-alone Mandelbrot and Julia sets generator


Youtube video created with MandelX


Pictures generated with MandelX



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Mandelbrot benchmark - using doublepixel 3Dnow! and quadpixel SSE routines

Maximum number of iterations : 10000

Mandelbrot benchmark requires a browser with ActiveX support.

Since the file is not digitally signed you have to modify the security settings of your browser.



Mandelbrot benchmark running in IE



Creative Commons License

MandelX by Zoltán Bacskó are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

MandelX 1.51


Mandelx is a very fast fractal generator that uses highly optimized assembly routines for calculations (multithreaded). While the precision is enough MandelX uses the appropriate SIMD floating point code path (SSE, 3Dnow!, SSE2), then switches to FPU code. You can switch between different code paths manually too. The FPU code uses 80 bit extended precision data so you can zoom deeper -without loss of speed- than with most other fractal generators. Integrated palette editor, palette animation, recording to AVI, and direct rendering to virtually unlimited picture sizes supported.


MandelX is portable and requires no installation.


version 1.5
Added emulated palette animation in 32bit true color mode.
Palette animation position is saved in mandelx files.
Changing colors does not require redrawing anymore.


version 1.51
Added multithreading to 32bit emulated palette animation.

Some minor fixes and improvements.

Unlike hardware based palette animation in 8bit color modes emulated 32bit mode becomes slower in higher resolutions since it requires a complete redraw at every frame.
But with modern hardware the highly optimized routine can achieve reasonably good frame rates up to full HD resolution.
With older hardware or with 4k displays in fullscreen mode 8bit hardware assisted palette animation is still recommended.

In Windows 8/10 you can still use 8bit color modes by selecting Windows 7 compatibility mode on mandelx.exe.


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