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(110)FalcoRe:ATI Directshow Encoder - AVISynth (.AVS) Support2013.12.01 13:52:28
Hi !
Supporting AVISynth directly in directshow is not as simple as it sounds since AVISynth output is only Video for Windows (VFW is an older Windows API) compatible. You should use an intermediate application that makes AVISynth output usable by directshow based applications.
Replied: Alexey R. - ATI Directshow Encoder - AVISynth (.AVS) Support (109) Reply
(109)Alexey R.ATI Directshow Encoder - AVISynth (.AVS) Support2013.12.01 4:16:55
Hello, Falco.
Thank you very much for a very useful program "ATI Directshow Encoder".
But it needs to support AVISynth (.AVS) as input files.
Can you make such modification?
I would be very grateful, as well as many other people...
(108)FishRe:Power on and shutdown TV2013.11.30 6:51:54
Yup ,I'm using W900A
(107)FalcoRe:Power on and shutdown TV2013.11.29 18:48:14
Thanks for the info, but an exact TV model would have been useful.
I suppose you have a new (2013) model. The given IRCC code and WOL methods do NOT work on older (2011/12) models.
Replied: Fish - Power on and shutdown TV (106) Reply
(106)FishPower on and shutdown TV2013.11.29 16:42:51
Power on : Sent WOL message to TV then it will switch on ,I use this
(105)FalcoRe:Sony CERS API2013.11.28 1:44:09
This is a programmer's catch 22. You should write an API method which can be called without instancing the object that implemented the API method .
But the truth is I still don't understand why you want to automate the registering process. Registering is needed only ONCE (per system), not on every boot.
Anyway you can start vremote.exe with the /REGSERVER command line switch.
Replied: Fred Reid - Sony CERS API (104) Reply
(104)Fred ReidSony CERS API2013.11.27 23:37:36
Thanks for your speedy reply. I understand the calls made to your server once it is registered. In fact, I've written several vbscript snippets that execute flawlessly with your API. Thanks for that.
What I meant was that I want to automate the right click (context menu) and select "register Server" action. This resides on my home theater PC and on boot up, I want it up and running without human interaction as I'm making remote calls from other apps and devices. I have tried to "fake" keystrokes using autoIT etc with no luck. Hope that helps explain it more clearly.
Thanks again for a wonderful app!
(103)FalcoRe:Sony CERS API2013.11.27 18:58:48
First start vremote.exe and register the server by using the right click context menu.
You DO NOT have to autostart vremote to use it as a server from external programs.
The server starts when you create an instance of it from your script/program. The syntax depends on the programming language. In case of vbscript this code fragment starts the server:
Set vr1 = createobject("Vremote.SonyVRemote")
After creating the instance you can call
vr1.HideForm 0
and you should see the main application form to appear.
When your script finished execution
(or you call Set vr1 = Nothing)
the server exits.
Replied: Fred Reid - Sony CERS API (102) Reply
(102)Fred ReidSony CERS API2013.11.27 18:16:21
LOVE this Sony vremote. The server and exposed call are just what I need for my Home Automation. I've got the app to autostart on my home theater pc but there is no api to start the server. Right now i have to do it manually and that won't do. Any ideas on how to implement? tying a vbscript but can't seem to get it to work. Any help would be great!
(101)C JonesRe:Re:Re:Blackscreen2013.11.17 3:59:30
That's a practice that I usually follow but didn't this time. Anyway getting back I install this one,
Combined-Community-Codec Pack-2013-10-17 and that has appeared to have fixed the problem. Thanks for the replies.. Great Program!
Replied: Falco - Re:Re:Blackscreen (100) Reply
(100)FalcoRe:Re:Blackscreen2013.11.16 22:31:36
And a good advice. Uncontrolled automatic updates can be as bad as no updates at all.
Only install updates if you know what they are doing. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
Replied: CJ - Re:Blackscreen (98) Reply
(99)FalcoRe:Re:Blackscreen2013.11.16 21:52:51
This must be a codec problem. As the readme says Desktop Movie always uses the system default directshow filters.
You should try a system restore or install ffdshow and set it to decode all supported formats.
Replied: CJ - Re:Blackscreen (98) Reply
(98)CJRe:Blackscreen2013.11.16 20:15:25
I'm back again, discovered it will only play certain wma clips and no other formats. City_Nights and Planet_Earth play fine.???
Replied: CJ - Blackscreen (97) Reply
(97)CJBlackscreen2013.11.16 20:02:37
First of all, let me thank you for this very excellent program. I seem to have run into a problem. When attempting to run a video, all I get now is a black screen no more animated wallpaper. Running it on XP Home SP3. The only changes that I have made is the weekly MS update and VLC update. At a lost.
(96)FalcoRe:Re:Re:Desktop Movie Start with Windows2013.11.11 7:05:04
I have inspected the situation. If you have UAC enabled you cannot autostart programs with required administrator privileges.
So forced admin mode should be disabled.
This problem is not Desktop Movie specific.
Replied: Nameless - Re:Re:Desktop Movie Start with Windows (95) Reply
(95)NamelessRe:Re:Desktop Movie Start with Windows2013.11.11 1:21:10
Hello Again
I don't know how but the problem has solved alone hahaha, i leave the program working a few hours, so i read your message and check, and walaaa! its there, I reboot the pc, does not work so unchecked the Open as Admin option, reboot and WORKS! Again great software! the best for Windows 8! You are Such a pro! Thanks.
Replied: Falco - Re:Desktop Movie Start with Windows (93) Reply
(94)FalcoRe:Desktop Movie Start with Windows2013.11.10 22:52:14
I have just uploaded a new version (2.3.1) that fixes the 1st issue I mentioned before.
Replied: Nameless - Desktop Movie Start with Windows (92) Reply
(93)FalcoRe:Desktop Movie Start with Windows2013.11.10 22:24:23
Desktop Movie saves its settings at normal exit. Maybe the problem is that a system restart (while the program is running) kills the process and it cannot save its settings.
Other problem can be that a protection software detects the program's attempt to write the registry harmful and prevents it. Try to run msconfig and at the startup tab check that 'DesktopMovie' entry exists.
Desktop Movie does not require administrator mode anyway.
Replied: Nameless - Desktop Movie Start with Windows (92) Reply
(92)NamelessDesktop Movie Start with Windows2013.11.10 16:30:16
Hello, first Thanks a lot for this excellent program since ver 2.1 i use it everyday!! now 2.3 its running better than before! :DD!! My only issue its that Its not starting with windows, already set to open as administrator but does not work, so what i can do, ( since 2.1 i was using Task manager to start it with windows :)) )
(91)CJRe:Re:Desktop Movie Stopped Working??2013.11.06 3:58:05
Forget that Falco, I got it working again. I don't recall it opening like that, but I just selected a video file in that Explorer window and it opened placing the icon in the system tray again.
Replied: Falco - Re:Desktop Movie Stopped Working?? (89) Reply
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