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(133)jukerjimMidi Player2014.05.22 10:13:22
Can the program display 8 octaves of keys?
(132)FalcoRe:Sony Virtual Remote Control 1.22014.04.24 20:16:38
Unfortunately no. There is no such function implemented in Bravia.
Replied: Manu - Sony Virtual Remote Control 1.2 (131) Reply
(131)ManuSony Virtual Remote Control 1.22014.04.24 18:00:43
Is it possible to see my Tv Screen in this software. IS it possible to make a feature like that.
(130)ZyphRe:Re:Desktop Movie 2.3.12014.02.19 8:26:06
Thanks for the reply! I'll check the registry then.
I see...I understand. This was really apparent especially when I have the Start Menu show the wallpaper as well. The background of the Start Menu was also all black.
Thanks for the info!
Replied: Falco - Re:Desktop Movie 2.3.1 (129) Reply
(129)FalcoRe:Desktop Movie 2.3.12014.02.18 10:50:33
The used keys:
HKCU\Software\ falcosoft\DesktopMovie
and if you enabled autostart:
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\ Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\DesktopMovie
Not specially Desktop Movie, but any program that uses hardware video overlay disables aero. It's designed this way by MS.
The black window can be attributed to HW overlay, too.
More about this (comment section):
Replied: Zyph - Desktop Movie 2.3.1 (128) Reply
(128)ZyphDesktop Movie 2.3.12014.02.18 7:55:45
Hi Falco,
I'm currently using Desktop Movie and I want to remove the application from my old PC (Win8). I only deleted the registry patch and the actual .exe file and I thought that would actually remove remnants of the program but when I tested it by using the program again, my previous playlist was loaded. So I assumed the settings are still on my PC and I want to remove all traces.
Another thing. Does Desktop Movie disables the transparency of my windows and taskbar? And also when I use aero peek the windows are all black.
Thanks for your work!
(125)FalcoRe:Is ATI Encoder Win7/8 Only?2014.01.28 12:59:38
According to my experiences the encoder works under WinXP, but never uses GPU acceleration.
Replied: Maurice - Is ATI Encoder Win7/8 Only? (124) Reply
(124)MauriceIs ATI Encoder Win7/8 Only?2014.01.28 12:15:56
I am using the AMD 13.4 catalyst Drivers with Windows XP SP3 and I installed the ATI Accelerated Video Transcoder from the Win7 version of Catalyst 13.4. The files installed include aml.kbd, kdbsync.exe, atimpenc.dll, and kdbsdk32.dll.
I tried using the ATI Encoder to convert AVC to DiVX, but I observe 100% CPU usage.
(123)jan malinaRe:Re:sony remote control KDL40W905A2014.01.20 21:33:34
Hi Falco,
Thanks for your wery quick answer. Afther I start Vremote aplication I see error message - Cannot get Sony X_CERS URL. Afther this message I type ok - Vremote continue and work ok. I can confirm to you - all function of Vremote go ok, only can not get command list and afther I choose function device setup I see the same error- Cannot get Sony X_CERS URL. If I use function get Device Doc I see ok full Device document for Bravia KDL-40W905A.
I can not use txt input too, how I wrote ago.
Czech republic
Replied: Falco - Re:sony remote control KDL40W905A (122) Reply
(122)FalcoRe:sony remote control KDL40W905A2014.01.20 18:02:33
The problem is Sony has completely changed 2013 Bravia's API from the old XML based one to a new JSON based one. Details:

Only the IRCC UPnP services are functioning correctly with 2013 Bravia models.
Fortunately the IRCC codes themselves were not changed either.
The sendText, getText, getRemoteCommandList API functions are completely missing. Therefore neither text input nor autodetection works.
I have only a 2011 Bravia, so I can't experiment with the new models and the new API.
Replied: jan malina - sony remote control KDL40W905A (121) Reply
(121)jan malinasony remote control KDL40W905A2014.01.20 15:08:21
Hi Falco,
I thank a lot of for your great sony remote software. All work excellent with me sony TV. I conected notebook with windows XP by the help of function WIFI direct to me Sony KDL 40W905A TV. It is new TV model from 2013.
I chose in list of devices me Bravia TV and all function go well.
I have only troubles to use txt input. If I write some text to text filed of your remote control program on notebook I can not send this text to active text fielsd in me TV. I mean in time if Im using on TV internet searcher.
Do you have some idea how is possible solve this troubles ?
Thanks a lot of for your help.
regards Jan
(120)FalcoRe:Desktop Movie 2.3.1 Windows 82014.01.07 9:22:24
What happened exactly when you first tried to open the video (you referred to it as 'it did not work') ? First you should try different formats to decide if this is a codec problem. You can use 'Graphedit' to debug this kind of problems. Second you should make sure your video card/driver supports hardware overlay. E.g. there are fundamental problems with Intel Atom's integrated video.
Replied: radagastthe3rd - Desktop Movie 2.3.1 Windows 8 (119) Reply
(119)radagastthe3rdDesktop Movie 2.3.1 Windows 82014.01.07 7:43:40
Greetings oh almighty falco!
I'm having trouble with getting DM to run in windows 8. I downloaded and ran the program to create the registry value (I confirmed this in regedit). I rebooted and tried running the program but it didn't work. I tried adding it directly to the startup and now I'm getting a different error.
Screen 1: "Invalid floating point operation"
I click OK and then i get...
Screen 2: "The operation could not be performed because the filter is not stopped ($80040224).
I'm a rookie programmer and the internet said this had something to do with an invalid null object or something like that.
Just for reference, I have tried running mp4 and wmv files.
Your help is greatly appreciated oh mighty one!
(118)Jakab OttóRe:Re:laptop2014.01.04 21:24:14
Szia! Olvastam a válaszod de jelenleg kulfoldon tartózkodom. Jovohéten már othon vagyok s majd akkor jelentkezem. Szia Mégegyszer koszi a kimeríto választ!
Replied: Falco - Re:laptop (115) Reply
(117)FalcoRe:MSI laptop javítása2014.01.04 9:24:47
Akár ma is megoldható, de előbb telefonon egyeztetni kéne.
Replied: Lechner Zoltán - MSI laptop javítása (116) Reply
(116)Lechner ZoltánMSI laptop javítása2014.01.04 6:33:12
Nem indul a gép (nem lehet bekapcsolni).
Leghamarabb mikor vihetném el javításra?
(115)FalcoRe:laptop2014.01.03 9:52:04
Küldtem privát válaszlevelet a gmail címedre.
Replied: Jakab Ottó - laptop (114) Reply
(114)Jakab Ottólaptop2014.01.03 0:44:20
Szia! 2006-ban vettem egy Acer TravelMate 5610 laptopot ami még mindig jól mukodik csak már elavult. Az volna a kérdésem hogy mit lehet rajta korszerusíteni hogy gyorsabb legyen és melyik operációs rendszert ajánlanád az XP,VISTA kívul, és mibe kerulne a javítás. Elore is koszonom válaszod! Szia!
(112)FalcoRe:Re:ATI Directshow Encoder - AVISynth (.AVS) Support2013.12.02 3:29:45
Ok, I have added experimental AVISynth (.avs) file support. You can download version 1.2 from the Windows software section. Any feedback is welcome.
Replied: Alexey R. - Re:ATI Directshow Encoder - AVISynth (.AVS) Support (111) Reply
(111)Alexey R.Re:ATI Directshow Encoder - AVISynth (.AVS) Support2013.12.01 18:09:01
Hello, Falco.
Thanks for fast reply.
Unfortunately failed to achieve successful operation "avisynth-dshow-source" with ATI Directshow Encoder. Even if my AVS successfully played via "test current avisynth input config (version by default)" from "avisynth-dshow-source", but when coding via "ATI Directshow Encoder" - still permanently "Position=00:00:00.00" and "Avg.FPS=0.00", and no any FFDSHOW icons appears, so input AVS file not decoded while coding...
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