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(228)JJRe: MidiPlayer feedback and bug report2015.12.17 5:22:06
Forgot to mention that my system is Windows XP 32-bit and my sound card hardware ID is:
Vendor ID = 1102
Device ID = 0002
Subsystem = 80611102
Revision = 07
Replied: JJ - MidiPlayer feedback and bug report (227) Reply
(227)JJMidiPlayer feedback and bug report2015.12.17 5:13:11
I always like MIDI and especially Tracker musics. IMO, the ability to change the instruments and channel parameters are mandatory for a MIDI music player. It would be my new favorite MIDI/Tracker player but these changed my mind.
- Doesn't detect my SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 DE (PCI) as a SoundFont device, so it can't load SoundFonts for the hardware MIDI Synths.
- Always loop the playlist and there's no setting to turn it off or no setting to loop a single music. Since it's a playlist loop, continueable musics would have delay when it ends.
- Resets all of the changes of each MIDI channel parameters when moving to a different playback time. And because of playlist based loop, this also occurs.
- Uses rotating controls for channel parameters that are difficult to use. And they were too small even for my 1024x768 screen.
(225)FalcoRe:MZ/X:)2015.12.06 19:21:15
Ment az email az általad megadott címre.
Replied: Pusza - MZ/X:) (224) Reply
(224)PuszaMZ/X:)2015.12.06 16:40:45
Hello Falco!
Tehát a Martin gépe így néz ki jelenleg:
proci:ATI display adapter(0x9442)
videókártya:ATI RADEON HD 4800
4 gb RAM
alaplap:ABIT IX48-MAX
Amit szeretne:
Assassin Syndicate a játék meg ilyenek.
Minimum igény:8 gb Ram
NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 660 vidiokártya vagy
Várjuk a válaszodat, előre is köszi!!
Üdv : Pusza
(223)danielati hw codec2015.11.28 16:49:28
thank you for response!
i did understood that atimpenc.dll is like 4in1 tool, it outputs to file(or cannot set property to stream).so,the software should let the dll write the file(not amcap or anything i know of).on the other side "ati media center video encoder"-as ver.9.14 speaks for itself-it was designed for windows media center...whitch runs beautifuly(on 7 tested long ago).
wmc in 7 let me watch my own analog cable AS LONG as internet connection was available(to windows..) and from internet it retrived without my fckg explicit consent the copyright status of the show beeing whatched-not from the cable company but from copyright arbitrators(higher power) like,"diehard -1",aired(cabled) for the 1e100's time was "not available" to watch.
no,that abuse and the abuse of installing on a xp 1gB of atroceous sw(media center) is not for me.
(222)FalcoRe:ATI HW CO/DEC2015.11.27 8:22:25
I don't think there is a problem with your ATI MPEG encoder installation.
I think the problem is AMCAP can only use filters from the Video Compressors category for capturing.
ATI's directshow filters do not work this way (the encoder requires its own muxer and filewriter filter).
If you are tech-savvy you can use Graphedit to achieve what you want
(also available on Noel Danjou's site).
E.g. Webcam + ATI Mpeg encoder Directshow graph
Replied: daniel - ATI HW CO/DEC (221) Reply
(221)danielATI HW CO/DEC2015.11.27 0:18:41
hello mister Zoltan!
thank you for your software!
the problem:i want to encode mpeg2 from a webcam,with amcap from noel danjou(not cracked..).the encoder from ati,atimpenc.dll does not get registered under "video compressors" but only just as a "direct show filter"-i see that with the filter manager from a result amcap has no use of hw encoder.please,hoe to proper register atimpenc.dll? on xp,of couse..
sorry for the email adress,i have none,seriously.
i like that:"Falcosoft is just me, Zoltan Bacsko from Hungary, but this site requires a public company profile, so I created this one."-would look good on a buisiness card...
(219)FalcoRe:Laptp ventilátor2015.11.13 14:16:52
Kedves Bálint,
emailben válaszoltam kérdésére.
Replied: Nemes Bálint - Laptp ventilátor (218) Reply
(218)Nemes BálintLaptp ventilátor2015.11.13 12:46:15
Egy Hp Pavilion dv6 6106eh laptopban ment tönkre a cpu hűtőventillátor .Ebbe szeretnék alkatrészt cserélni. Érdeklődnék hogy mennyibe kerülne ezt a problémát megoldani.
A választ előre is köszönöm.
Üdvözlettel:Nemes Bálint
(214)FalcoRe:Movie desktop screen capture2015.11.01 14:40:48
This problem is a common one with softwares using hardware video overlay.
I have already been asked about this many times so I advise you to read one of my previous replies that can help (the comment section).
Replied: Mykou - Movie desktop screen capture (213) Reply
(213)MykouMovie desktop screen capture2015.11.01 12:12:10
Hi Falco and gratz for this software
I tried for tutorial prupose on YT to screen capture desktop movie in action but when I try playback there is no way to record live the movie playing on background ( tried under camtasia and bandicam without success )
is there any clue or workaround to achieve that ?
(212)FalcoRe:Midiplayer non English catalogues and filenames2015.10.08 9:02:52
Midi Player supports non English characters if you use the right code pages.
But it does not support unicode characters that your ANSI code page cannot display.
Going full unicode is not as easy as it sounds and it has its price.
Namely compatibility with older operating systems (yes, it's important for me).
So in the next version I will implement a workaround by using the 8.3 DOS format names in case of unicode filenames that the active ANSI code page does not support.
This way at least you can play the files. That's the best I can offer now.
Replied: Jonas - Midiplayer non English catalogues and filenames (211) Reply
(211)JonasMidiplayer non English catalogues and filenames2015.10.06 22:29:58
Hello there, I use your midi player from time to time and I find it quite a nice piece of software. I do wonder if further revisions of it will be able to handle non English catalogues and file names, they\re added to the play list with the characters replaced with "?" but can't be started.
(210)FalcoRe:Midiplayer chord playing?2015.09.21 8:57:13
1. At the moment it's unfortunately not possible to map more keys. To tell you the truth PC keyboard support has not been a priority so far since no one has used it seriously. But it would be possible to add the full 4 rows of keys.
2. It entirely depends on the keyboard type. Ordinary basic models seldom support more than 3 keys at once.
More advanced gamer keyboards can support the desired 6 keys (or more).
But I think instead of an expensive gamer keyboard a basic MIDI keyboard is a better choice.
Replied: ANDREW - Midiplayer chord playing? (209) Reply
(209)ANDREWMidiplayer chord playing?2015.09.20 22:52:37
I am happy to have discovered your midi player. It is a good tool for my work.
Is it possible to map more PC keys to the on screen piano keys or trigger chords of 4 to 6 notes at a time?
(208)FalcoRe:Desktop movie black window outline on Windows 102015.08.30 11:07:07
It is completely a Windows 10 specific problem. They changed the way shadows are rendered. You can circumvent this unfortunate effect by disabling window shadows in Advanced system settings -> Advanced ->Performance ->Visual Effects.
Can you tell me what kind of video hardware/driver you are using ?
I'm asking this because new Windows 10 AMD drivers have arrived with completely broken overlay support. You are lucky that you can even see something...
Replied: BlueRad - Desktop movie black window outline on Windows 10 (207) Reply
(207)BlueRadDesktop movie black window outline on Windows 102015.08.30 5:52:43
I'm not sure if you'll be able to fix this but, when running the program and videos are playing there's a black outline around the windows opened.
I don't know much about coding etc but was that done on purpose? Could you maybe make it transparent? Or is it a problem on Windows 10's side?
(206)FalcoRe:sony remote2015.08.14 17:10:41
Thanks, I have already seen it. But it's not an easy task to program blindly without any hardware to experiment with.
Replied: wennes - sony remote (205) Reply
(205)wennessony remote2015.08.14 4:54:09
just look here:
maybe it helps. works with my new sony
(201)FalcoRe:an odd qurstion2015.07.25 16:12:28
No, it has nothing to do with encryption. What's more I'm encouraging you to do reverse engineering. I have absolutely no problem with it.
The reason for using UPX is storage size and network bandwidth on
Besides I like compact small sized packages (especially in case of portable apps).
Replied: Gerhalt - an odd qurstion (200) Reply
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