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(90)CJRe:Re:Desktop Movie Stopped Working??2013.11.06 3:19:08
Thanks for the quick reply Falco, but excuse me for being totally ignorant of this. Just what am I supposed to do after clicking on the "Render Media File? Clicking on this just opens up the same Explorer window asking for me to input a supported video file which is the same result I get when I double click on the application exe file????? Is there any way you can explain this to me in true layman's language
Replied: Falco - Re:Desktop Movie Stopped Working?? (89) Reply
(89)FalcoRe:Desktop Movie Stopped Working??2013.11.05 22:24:03
VLC,WMP,etc. don't use directshow filters by default. The error message indicates codec and/or parser error. To debug directshow download graphedit and try File ->Render Media File.
Replied: CJ - Desktop Movie Stopped Working?? (88) Reply
(88)CJDesktop Movie Stopped Working??2013.11.05 22:05:54
I have XPSP3 Home all updates installed, and for some unexplained reason, I now get this message when I attempt to run it
Cannot play back the file. The format is not supported. ($80040265)
I have the latest version of K-Lite Codec Pack installed and recent update 10.3. When attempting to run it, it opens up with a location window to find all video type files to play. I have no virus and even have the file added to the Avast exemption list. I'm totally at a lost as to what could have happened.
All other media players play just fine, VLC, KM, WMP, WMC Any ideas?
(87)FalcoRe:Re:Re:Sony CERS API2013.10.29 22:32:44
No problem.
The only requirement is to redistribute the complete original package in unchanged form, not just vremote.exe.
Replied: Kherron - Re:Re:Sony CERS API (86) Reply
(86)KherronRe:Re:Sony CERS API2013.10.29 21:11:55
Thank you.
Sorry, I should have done a little more research. After my post below, I realized that I did not have 1.2.
I have already downloaded, and registered the server, and created my 1st quick C# app.
Works Great!!!! Thank you so much.
I would prefer to write my plugin as a complete module, so there would be no licensing issues.
Do you have any issues if I just implement your VRemote 1.2 as a requirement for my plugin? This would require me to include a copy of VRemote.exe v1.2 with my plugin.
Thank you.
P.S. If you do decide to go Open with the source, I would definitely LOVE to get a copy!!
Thanks again!
Replied: Falco - Re:Sony CERS API (85) Reply
(85)FalcoRe:Sony CERS API2013.10.29 19:45:01
In the latest version 1.2 I have just implemented Automation/COM server so you can use vremote from external programs. Details in the readme.txt or you can see the messages 47, 48 where baiju xavior requested this feature and I replied him.
Examples can be found in the 'Automation_example' directory.
Replied: Kherron - Sony CERS API (84) Reply
(84)KherronSony CERS API2013.10.29 19:00:49
I am a member of a group that is creating an OPEN Source Home Automation Server application. Controlling Sony devices is a plugin that I have been working on for weeks now, and just can't seem to get the results I'm looking for.

You are the MAN!!! as I know after all my research, this was not an easy task to figure out. So I understand why you don't want to reveal your code.
But would you maybe consider creating an api, or even a shell option where a 3rd party application could execute a command??
I know I'm not the only one out there that would love to implement your application in to another useful tool.
(83)KherronRe:Sony Remote2013.10.29 18:42:47
@Joost van Crugten,
Try this as an easy "work-around" for your issue.
1) Install the VRemote on a computer there in your fathers house.
2) Connect to your fathers network via the VPN you have created.
3) Now use "Remote Desktop" to log in to the computer located at your fathers house.
4) Run the VRemote application, and control the TV!!!!
Now your running the application locally, and you will not have the above issues!
Replied: Joost van Crugten - Sony Remote (81) Reply
(82)FalcoRe:Sony Remote2013.10.28 21:47:23
Actually this is not a timeout problem, but UPnP multicast traffic over VPN connection is problematic. Google for: 'UPnP over VPN' and you will see. I suggest you to try a VNC solution (e.g. UltraVNC). So instead of using the remote network you can start the program on the remote desktop of your grandfather.
Good luck.
Replied: Joost van Crugten - Sony Remote (81) Reply
(81)Joost van CrugtenSony Remote2013.10.28 20:24:07
First of all I will thank you for your great development of the Sony remote application, it's working nice
I have a question about that application. My grandfather is almost blind and can't see his television remote, so I've set up a VPN-server (a server so I can remotely login to the Local area network), and our meaning is to handle te television remote external from our house.
Here is actually a problem, because of, I think, a time-out in searching for te television when trying te find it when i'm at home.
I hope you can understand my problem and maybe can help me, because I think it has to do with something in de sourcecode of the application.
Grandfathers network > VPN Server > Our home > I logon to VPN > I'm on Grandfathers network.
I can ping the local ip adress of the TV, so it's reachable.
When I open the application at my grandfathers house (local), it finds the television, and than, when I leave the application open, I can go anywhere, so basically it's working, there's only a problem with connecting external, because than he tells me there are no devices.
I hope you can help me, it would be a great help for me and my grandfather. Sorry for my bad English, but I'm Dutch.
Yours sincerely,
Joost van Crugten
(80)FalcoRe:linux version of sony remote2013.10.28 10:46:49
Unfortunately no. The program depends on the UPnP library of Windows. As far as I know the UPnP framework is not implemented in Wine either .
Replied: ramprasad - linux version of sony remote (79) Reply
(79)ramprasadlinux version of sony remote2013.10.28 5:14:45
your sony remote is great. Can you provide a linux version?
(78)FalcoRe:Sony Virtual Remote Control2013.10.20 23:24:06
I'm sorry but the code is not in a form to be published, and at the moment I don't have time to write comments and specifications. This program is freeware but not open source.
I hope you understand this .
Replied: mendel - Sony Virtual Remote Control (77) Reply
(77)mendelSony Virtual Remote Control2013.10.20 10:46:16
Enjoying your great piece of software!
Are you maybe willing to share the source code of it?
(76)FalcoRe:Business2013.10.10 11:51:08
I have replied to your facebook message.
Replied: Jessie Stedman - Business (75) Reply
(75)Jessie StedmanBusiness2013.10.10 8:04:44

I'm contacting you regarding a business opportunity with Falcosoft.
We have a new and hefty budget and are looking for new software developers to work with, Falcosoft is a perfect fit to our client portfolio.
I'm looking for the person responsible for biz' ventures at Falcosoft, so I can better elaborate on our strengths and advantages and explain the specific model we work with.
Please refer me to the right person.

I apologize if you're getting this in several emails; I'm really trying to get a hold of the site owner

Jessie Stedman
Account Research
Email [email protected]
(74)FalcoRe:notebook2013.10.07 16:40:16
Kedves Erika,
írtam Önnek privát válaszlevelet.
Bacskó Zoltán
Replied: Muschicz Erika - notebook (73) Reply
(73)Muschicz Erikanotebook2013.10.07 12:50:24
Compaq mini notebookom szeretném újratelepítetni mert jelenleg német windows XP van rajta..és öntől árajánlatot szeretnék kérni! előre is köszönöm válaszát!
(72)FalcoDesktop Movie - AMD / ATI overlay color driver bug fix2013.10.01 13:47:02
In newest Catalyst (13.x) drivers AMD missed out an important registry key from the Windows 7/8 driver package resulting wierd cartoonish colors and dark picture in every application that uses overlay.
You should open Catalyst control panel and look for Software Information->2D Driver File Path. When you have found it open regedit and navigate to the 2d driver path and create a new dword key:
After this modification restart the system.
I have made a downloadable reg file, but before using you should manually correct the 2d driver path in it.
(71)Justin SokolowskiRe:Re:Vremote2013.09.30 14:25:04
Thank You I will see
Replied: Falco - Re:Vremote (70) Reply
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