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(30)Justin SokolowskiRe:Re:Sony virtual remote.2012.12.26 15:40:11
Thank you so much. I got it working. I have 2 questions. First Can I add commands, There are alot more commands on the get commands lisr then on the command setup list.
Second, can the virtual remote turn the Blu-Ray on.
Thanks again. Hope you've had a great holiday.
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(29)DJBIDOUILEmerry christmas2012.12.25 12:13:12
I have sent you a private email
(28)FalcoRe:Sony virtual remote.2012.12.25 0:28:15
If you have successfully registered the device the text input should work. Try it eg. on youtube search.
For the buttons to work you have to request the commands from your device and manually replace the predefined Sony Bravia codes with yours. The exact process is described in the readme.txt.
"You should get the appropriate command codes by using the right click context menu 'Get Command List' item. The solution for working remote buttons is to go to the program's context menu again, choose 'Command Setup' and manually replace the codes you see in the dialog with the codes you have got in the 'Get Command List' window 'value' part(use ctrl+c then ctrl+v) and press OK in the dialog ! "
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(27)Justin SokolowskiSony virtual remote.2012.12.24 16:24:42
I got my Dvd to see it, and register the device. But it won't do anything. Now it sees the registered device what do I do.
Thank You
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(26)FalcoRe: Sony Virtual Remote Control problem2012.12.22 5:09:49
Hi Justin ! The program recognizes every device (even routers) that responds to UPnP device discovery message. If your device supports UPnP but won't show on the list then you have some network problem. Try to disable your firewall temporarily and try to connect your device to your network with a wire. There was a user with similar problems (at first he saw the sony device then never again) a router restart helped him. At last check every device and firewall setting that UPnP(DLNA) communication is enabled.
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(25)Justin SokolowskiSony Virtual Remote Control problem2012.12.21 23:36:46
I have a VDP-S790 and a Windows 7 Pro PC wirered to a verizon Fios router. I have the player connected to the network wirelessly. I tried running the Media Remote registration wizard. And when I run the virtual remote it only lists my pc as a device. I've tried starting them in every order I can think of. PLEASE HELP!
Thank You
(24)DJBIDOUILERe:Re:NFS World Leaderboard2012.12.18 17:12:42
falco please look you email it's important please thanks advance !
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(23)FalcoRe: NFS World Leaderboard2012.12.17 18:57:00
Hi DJBIDOUILE ! I have sent you a private email.
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(22)DJBIDOUILENFS World Leaderboard2012.12.17 13:52:39
Hi ,I need your help for create to NFS WORLD LEADERBOARD for my website if you help me maybe Price (low) if you interessting !
thanks for infos !
(21)FalcoDesktop Movie Player Update2012.12.12 17:44:17
UPDATE! Desktop Movie and WINDOWS 8 - It seems that this is not a bug, but MS intentionally disabled using overlay mixer for all applications but the ones listed in the registry. Registry patch is now compiled to the executable. On the first run Desktop movie applies the patch on Windows 8. For other applications that can not run because of this restriction you should create a key if it does not exist in:
create a DWORD with the path and name of the application you want to enable overlay and set the value to 1. eg.
"F:\\BP\\COMPILED\\Public projects\\desktop_movie\\dmovie.exe" =dword:00000001.
Restart and you should be OK.
(20)FalcoRe:Sony Virtual Remote2012.11.27 14:04:22
Thanks !
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(19)Rosen StefanovSony Virtual Remote2012.11.27 13:27:07
Sony Virtual Remote is a very good tool Congratulations and best wishes for your continued success.
(18)FalcoRe:Nx6325 memory problem2012.11.21 9:20:48
Hi !

This problem cannot be fixed, since it is hardware/bios related.
The Nx6325 supports only 32 bit addresses. This means theoretically 4GB, but the memory area of PCI devices, more precisely the address range of the video card starts at 0xC0000000 (3072MB -You can check this in the device manager of windows). So above this address system memory is not available. But the integrated video card requires additional 128MB of memory, so overall you get 2.87GB available system memory. 64 bit operating systems can only help in this situation if the hardware supports addresses above 32 bit so this range can be remapped above 32 bit. There is no such option in the NX6325.

Best Regards:
Zoltán Bacskó
Replied: Norberto Planchart - Nx6325 memory problem (17) Reply
(17)Norberto PlanchartNx6325 memory problem2012.11.21 8:54:44
Hello! Thanks for your collaboration to the community. I try to do the same but much smaller I write because I need your help.
I have a laptop model nx6325 with the problem of memory that does not recognize all memory even if it is listed. The bios sees 4GB Ram (2x2gb) but Windows (64-bit) use only 2.87 . It is a problem of the BIOS! You have a fix? Thank in advance!!!
(16)FalcoRe:Desktop Movie Windows 8 problem2012.11.08 8:36:28
Hi Rick! Desktop Movie requires hardware overlay support via Overlay Mixer directshow filter.
Apparently Overlay Mixer is broken in Windows 8 Release Preview. I couldn't try the final Win8 version so far. So it's a Microsoft bug, I can't do anything to fix it . The only thing we can do is to inform MS about this bug.
Replied: Rick - Desktop Movie Windows 8 problem (15) Reply
(15)RickDesktop Movie Windows 8 problem2012.11.08 1:52:31
RE: Desktop Movie Player
Currently on Windows8
As it stands, DreamScene etc. do NOT work at all. YOUR app I hear the sound but my wallpaper just turns to black... icons remain. Any ideas? As I said, your app goes further into Win8 than any other
(14)FalcoRe:Sony Virtual Remote problem2012.10.20 16:18:15
Hi Joan! What device did you select ?
Your Sony BD player, or your Sony TV ? Anyway, the error messages mean the device cannot provide the necessary functions that are required by the program, so You should try the other one. Moreover you can find my e-mail address at the home page and you should send the device document (right click context menu) to this address. Maybe I can find a way to support your devices if they support these functionalities differently.
Replied: Joan - Sony Virtual Remote problem (13) Reply
(13)JoanSony Virtual Remote problem2012.10.20 15:20:48
Running Sony Virtual Remote Control 1.1.4 on Win7 ultimate which is wired to a wireless router. Have a Bravia KDL55EX640 set up by commercial installers and Blu-ray model BDP-S185 which is used to access the internet--wirelessly through the router. Everything works. Started VRC and got error message, "Cannot Initialiaze IRCC service !" (clicked OK) then message, "Cannot get Sony X_CERS URL !" (clicked OK)The virtual remote displays, but with no functionality. What am I missing? Joan
(12)FalcoRe:Thanks2012.10.14 10:07:09
Hi Diego! You're Welcome
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(11)DiegoThanks2012.10.13 21:41:53
Hi Zoltan,
I want to acknowledge the help given, also congratulate the sony remote, a very good and helpful.
Greetings from Colombia.
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