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(200)Gerhaltan odd qurstion2015.07.25 9:45:51
Hello! I decided to disturb you once again, but this time I'm gonna ask you quite weird thing. You always pack your binaries with upx. Why do you do that?
As far as I know upx is good in 2 cases: if a file has a large size, and if you wish to protect it from reverse ingeneering by means of encryption. So since your PEs have relatively small file sizes, I believe you keep on packing them in order to prevent someone's attempts of altering, right?
However I still dont get it since upx encryption is way too weak for an expert to decrypt. Or maybe it's some kinda "antidummy shield" in your opinion?
Dont get me wrong, I'm not insisting on its removal. I'd like to know the purpose of packing binaries: is there any reasonable point of view for doing so? Please explain this to me!
(199)FalcoRe:one more irritating query...2015.07.22 10:20:33
This can be achieved 2 ways (you can google them for details):
1. Fight your battle with Windows File Protection and replace gm.dls with your chosen dls file.
2. In the registry replace the path and redirect the system to your dls.
The biggest problem is dls soundfonts are much less frequent than SF2 counterparts and Windows Directmusic/Midi subsystem is not compatible with SF2 soundfont format.
After all I think the simplest solution is to use Coolsoft VirtualMidiSynth (that uses Bassmidi) with your favorite SF2 file.
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(198)Gerhaltone more irritating query...2015.07.22 9:25:41
Hi there. I seem to become predictable. Nevertheless, I believe it's okay to seek answers here, especially if they are given by a knowledgeable person such as you, Zoltan. I wish I could help folks like you do, but I just lack the required level of expertise.
I guess you are right about PII Tweaker tool. It's simply not my cup of tea, so to speak.
And here goes yet another thought of mine. I wonder is there a way to swap the default gm.dls samples container with some custom soundfont so that any midi playback capable software could use it instead? I mean the case with no external sound card. Is it only achieveable via bassmidi library with no options available?
I remember some discussion of this matter at un4seen queries thread that sounded like "in order to do so one has to install the mentioned plugins into sys32 dir, where they are instantly registered and ready to be used". Is it really that necessary? Though it's not a big deal, I'd like to know wherher I can manage without those libraries or not?
Regardless of your answer thank you very much. Cheers!
(197)FalcoRe:What is that PhenomII Tweaker good for?2015.07.21 11:25:38
1. To be honest then this utility is probably not for you. I cannot be more clear about its usage scenarios than in the readme file.
Its most important feature is to defeat Intel's nasty CPU dispatcher without modifying Intel C++/Fortran compiled executables.
It's the only tool I know of that can do this on AMD processors.
More information:"
2. No, DOS itself is not a multicore enabled environment so not only the programs but the OS itself cannot use more than 1 CPU core. Moreover PII Tweaker is a Windows tool so it cannot be used in DOS. But you can use my PWR tool (can be found in the DOS softwares section) to alter Phenom's frequency under DOS.
3. No, Dosbox-like emulators use software emulated CPU so the programs inside Dosbox cannot see the host processor.
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(196)GerhaltWhat is that PhenomII Tweaker good for?2015.07.21 10:38:41
Yep, that's me again. I recalled a thing I wished to find out long ago.
I read its description a couple of times but still don't fully understand the purpose of using that tool. That's why I'm asking to provide some brief explanation of the benefits it gives.
Okay, I've got Deneb quadcore crystal at my disposal, and I wanna play some Carmageddon. I got some flash drive with a bootable dos and installed Carma. Do I really have to force the cpu to use only a single core (cuz the game does it anyway)?
Moreover, if I use some dosbox emulator, will this utility be still handy? Please, tell me anything since I start feeling myself like a dummy...
(195)FalcoRe:Re:Re:midiplayer hotkeys suggestions2015.07.20 22:01:55
1. You should definitely download the new binary since these changes cannot be magically applied by registry keys.
2. Ok, I have added play/pause, prev, next multimedia keys. I think it's best if volume up/down keys are reserved to operating system.
These features are not too hard or time consuming to implement but donations are always welcome.
Replied: Gerhalt - Re:Re:midiplayer hotkeys suggestions (194) Reply
(194)GerhaltRe:Re:midiplayer hotkeys suggestions2015.07.20 19:38:40
wow, Zoltan you're simply awesome!
umm, should I regrab zip archive containing refreshed binary or it'll work for the current one (by adding certain strings to the ini file)?
and now I'll become somewhat annoying, but I'll request this anyway (sorry...) since I can't help missing the following feature: Zoltan, I ask you to consider implementing the support of those generic multimedia keys found on most (if not every) modern keyboards. I suppose you've got that one too. I often recall the times I used to listen to my music by means of Windows Media Player. it's capable of recognizing those MM keys even when minimized, unlike most other software, that can understand command if its window's active only. alas, but otherwise they (MM keys) do nothing.
anyway, that was my suggestion #... erm, whatever. I hope I didn't seem demanding or anything.
I'm deeply grateful to you, Zoltan, for all the effort you put into your projects. they're extremely useful (and freeware, he-he). I'll definitely try to post more feedback, if you don't mind of course.
best wishes.
p.s. dammit I forgot something once again... will contact once I've recalled that one.
Replied: Falco - Re:midiplayer hotkeys suggestions (193) Reply
(193)FalcoRe:midiplayer hotkeys suggestions2015.07.20 18:08:35
Continuing my previous reply:
I have added for soundfont testing CTRL + 0..9 hotkeys. So you should set your soundfonts to the corresponding Bank number and then with these new hotkeys you can change the Bank on all channels at once.
Replied: Gerhalt - midiplayer hotkeys suggestions (191) Reply
(192)FalcoRe:midiplayer hotkeys suggestions2015.07.20 10:42:48
1. You should not put anything next to the executable to use compression. This feature does not work this way. Midiplayer uses standard Windows ACM (Audio Compression Manager) codecs. Midiplayer can use any codecs (Mp3, Ogg, AC3 etc.) that are installed on the system. You should google e.g. ACM FLAC to find a FLAC codec. If you have installed the required codec, you can select it on the right hand side of the Save dialog after you press the record button.
2. You can already achieve something like this by setting the 5 soundfonts to different banks (default soundfont uses Bank 0).
Then on the user interface change the 'Bank MSB' value to the desired bank. You should do this for each used channel.
Replied: Gerhalt - midiplayer hotkeys suggestions (191) Reply
(191)Gerhaltmidiplayer hotkeys suggestions2015.07.20 9:57:03
Oy there Zoltan! yep, it's me again.
Thanks for your instant reply, I really appreciate that. The solution you suggested (disabling esc2quit) is quite enough for me since it works just fine.
OK, here's my question concerning new feature integrated in the latest version, I'm talking about the ability to save recordings in compressed formats like mp3. Ummm, could you explain how that works please. I mean okay I put some lame library next to executable binary, what am I supposed to do next? Moreover, is there a way to add the support of other lossy compression formats like ogg & wma? Oh, and speaking of formats, what about some lossless codecs like ape & flac?
In conclusion I'd like to suggest an idea of cicling through all available soundfonts (5 to be more precise) that are set in bassmidi config dialog, via some shortcut like shift+s. Thus you'll be granted an ability to listen to those fave midi tunes of yours while deciding what soundfont they sound better with. and of course let's not forget about the test purposes.
I guess that's all for the time being.
Speak 2 U soon. Cheers.
(190)FalcoRe:SFMIDI Player shortcuts2015.07.19 21:02:07
Hi Gerhalt,
1. There are some: Numeric keypad '+' and '-' to change key velocity of virtual piano; ',' and '.' to play previous and next song of the playlist.
2. Since you seem to be a rather tech-savvy user I think this solution would be acceptable for you:
I have added a registry/ini file variable 'EsctoQuit'. You should download the latest version from my site and run the program once. Depending on your current configuration change 'EsctoQuit' to 0 in the registry ([HKCU\Software\Falcosoft\Midiplayer]) or in Midiplayer.ini.
I have not added Alt+X since standard Alt+F4 is working as expected.
3. I have tried/used many soundfonts in the SB Live! era but now I'm already an old self-righteous bastard so I mainly use my own home made soundfonts.
Replied: Gerhalt - SFMIDI Player shortcuts (189) Reply
(189)GerhaltSFMIDI Player shortcuts2015.07.19 19:21:35
Hey, Zoltan!
First of all lemme say thanks a really lot! Your software's amazing, especially the one I'm using (that awesome midi player of yours). Keep it up dude, way to go!
Okay, now to the point. I got a simple request here, regarding those eponimous shortcuts used in the player. Yeah, I'm aware of F1-F8 that are used to alter octaves, but are there any more hotkeys available? I mean besides space (pause) & escape (quit)? btw, could you please reassign closing of the application from the mentioned esc key to, say, alt+x combination? That way you'll get rid of unintended app quitting.
Finally, the last (but not least) query for now: what soundfont do you prefer (except your reality gmgs mod) and use regularly?
Best regards & cheers. Gerhalt.
(188)FalcoRe:no image in desktop movie player2015.05.27 0:55:26
Omar can be right, but there is another possibility. Namely you have the so called 'Starter edition' of Win7 x32.
There is no (legal) way to change your background with windows 7 starter edition. Try google for 'change background win7 starter' and set your background picture to none.
Or you already have a background changer program that forces this behavior. You can try disabling it.
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(187)OmarAbout Desktop Movie2015.05.27 0:42:58
I saw the notes of Andrew (186), I would like try to help him, maybe that you have a automatic changer wallpaper actived, if this is the case block or suspend it (the automatic changer wallpaper) and try again, I had the same problem and now Desktop Movie works great, Falco excuse me for my suggestion, I only want to help, good night and regards from Venezuela
(186)Andrewno image in desktop movie player2015.05.26 21:33:14
I tried all versions from 2.2 up to 2.5.1 and none of them could play the video in the background of my desktop. I have windows 7 x32. The video starts playing, shows for a second and then is lost behind my wallpaper. I can only hear the sound. I've tried all possible settings with no result. What can i do to fix this, please.
(185)OmarDesktop Movie 2.512015.05.24 20:09:51
Hi, I tested DM 2.51 (Windows 8.1, 64 Bits), works fine, still waiting that save the last point of file not the file, congratulations again, regards, Omar
(184)FalcoRe:How to select a video once and have desktop movie play2015.05.11 19:58:27
1. Yes. You should check the right click context menu Start Up->Restore Playlist and Start Up->Start with Windows.
2. Make sure you are using the latest version ( I have tried with Win8 and found no problem after waking up from suspend/lock.
If latest version still locks up then it must be a video driver issue. I suggest disabling the lock screen since it is useless on PC.
Replied: John - How to select a video once and have desktop movie play that (183) Reply
(183)JohnHow to select a video once and have desktop movie play that 2015.05.11 15:55:09
I downloaded Desktop Movie onto my Windows 8.1 computer and it works great. Except that every time I start my computer I have to select the movie I would like to use as my desktop wallpaper. Is there a way to enable a feature in Desktop Movie so that it automatically plays the same video when I restart and log into my computer?
Also, when my computer auto-locks I receive the following error message "Application Error. Exception EAccessViolation in module dmovie.exe at 00497D00. Access violation at address 00498D00. Write of address FFFFFFFF." Why am I receiving an access violation error and how can this be fixed?
I should also mention, since some programs are only compatible with certain video formats, that the video I wish to use as the desktop wallpaper is in .mp4 format.
(182)FalcoRe:Desktop Movie 2.52015.04.29 18:47:13
No, that is not possible since Desktop Movie knows nothing about when you use Youtube/another video player.
It would be overkill to monitor all possible processes for the sake of this feature.
Replied: Omar - Desktop Movie 2.5 (181) Reply
(181)OmarDesktop Movie 2.52015.04.29 17:47:59
Hi Falco, thans for answering, excuse me, another little thing, it will be possible that audio (No Video)turn off (Mute) temporally and automatic while I see a video for example in youtube, and when finish that video, audio of Desktop Movie turn on again, I hope no bother you, thanks again, my english is no good, I am from Venezuela, best regards
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