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(315)FalcoMessage Board is read-only2017.10.09 0:03:36
I got tired of fighting spam so I have set the message board into read-only mode. If you would like to contact me you can find contact info on the home page (E-mail, Facebook, Google+). I'm also availabe on Vogons as Falcosoft.
I wish you all the best.
(314)FalcoRe:MIDI player2017.06.04 9:53:32
I have just added XMI support and I must tell it has been a tedious work.
I cannot do more reliable conversion than the many existing tools.
And it seemingly does not provide a big plus since no new music is made anymore in these formats. The existing ones (that can be found in games you can count on one hand) have already very good standard midi format conversions. So no direct HMI, MUS support will be added in the near future.
Replied: Serpent17 - MIDI player (312) Reply
(313)Faith Deansoftware feedback2017.06.03 11:11:20
good soft
(312)Serpent17MIDI player2017.06.03 5:49:32
First of all - thanks for the amazing MIDI player! This is one of the best MIDI players I've ever tried!
There is only one thing tat is missing - HMI, XMI and MUS MIDI files support. Many games were using those formats: Daggerfall(HMI),System Shock and Warcraft (XMI), and Doom I & II, Heretic, Hexen & Strife (MUS). If you can add support for them - please, do so! Thanks again! Keep up the good work!
(311)FalcoRe:Finestra Karaoke2017.05.27 13:10:33
To tell you the truth Midi Text/Lyrics is more for information in technical terms than for serious karaoke usage. I do not plan changing this. My focus is elsewhere. I recommend to use a dedicated karaoke player for this purpose.
Anyway you can increase the buffer size in Device Setting to make the text appear sooner than you hear the rendered audio.
Replied: Cosimo Bello - Finestra Karaoke (310) Reply
(310)Cosimo BelloFinestra Karaoke2017.05.27 12:40:39
Salve, complimenti per progetto Midi Player, la versione 4.7 è fantastica; tuttavia, sarebbe auspicabile che nella finestra Karaoke (Midi Text Lyrics) il sillabato fosse visualizzato due righe di testo e non la oxytone, se si segue la sillaba non fa in tempo a seguire il canto. Grazie
Hi, compliments for project Midi Player, the version 4.7 are fantastic; nevertheless, it would be desirable that in the window Karaoke (Midi Text Lyrics) the spelled one was visualized two lines of text and not the oxytone, if the syllable follows him it doesn't do in time to follow the song. Thanks
(309)FalcoRe:Re:Re:BassMIDI Vsti2017.05.15 17:25:31
Yes, exactly. But it's likely that you will also have to update bassflac.dll.
Replied: Woodman - Re:Re:BassMIDI Vsti (308) Reply
(308)WoodmanRe:Re:BassMIDI Vsti2017.05.15 15:23:02
Okay - thanks for the quick reply.

So, if a change was made in the bassmidi.dll or bass.dll would I be able to use it with your bassmidivsti.dll by just replacing the dll file?
Replied: Falco - Re:BassMIDI Vsti (307) Reply
(307)FalcoRe:BassMIDI Vsti2017.05.15 14:43:57
SFZ implementation details depend on the underlying Bass/Bassmidi library. To tell you the truth Bassmidi is rather SF2 than SFZ oriented. SFZ support is only added recently. For further information/details I recommend to visit the excellent forum of Bass.
You can reach it at:
Ian, the author of Bass, is very helpful.
Replied: Woodman - BassMIDI Vsti (306) Reply
(306)WoodmanBassMIDI Vsti2017.05.15 14:08:14
Thank you very much for this sfz player. As you mentioned there is a need for this (a straight forward alternative to sforzando).
I am wondering how much of the sfz / sfz2 specification is implemented because in one of my instruments the `seq_poition` does not appear to be working - I always get the sample from `seq_position=1` (it works in sforzando). Or perhaps there is a bug.
(304)FalcoRe:ECW VSTi2017.04.15 23:04:53
Yeah, I want many things too but life is not so friendly with us . Seriously: If no known freely available library/engine can handle the proprietary ECW format, how can I build a VSTi around the nothing?
Replied: Devan Wolf - ECW VSTi (303) Reply
(303)Devan WolfECW VSTi2017.04.15 22:51:23
I want a VST that plays the ECW format (e.g. EAPCI2M.ECW) similar to how Ensoniq AudioPCI handles ECW files! Make one just like the one you did in OPL3VSTi and MuntVSTi, but load in ECW format but BASSMIDI doesn't support the ECW format yet.
(302)FalcoRe:Desktop Movie Player - Minimazing Applications2017.03.30 14:05:24
I think that's because Desktop Movie is a special fullscreen application itself using exclusive access to some limited hardware resources. In DM's case it's hardware video overlay and only one HW overlay exists even on the most modern cards. So I recommend closing DM before using other fullscreen apps, or try to close other monitoring/FPS utilities that may try to use overlay to display data in WOW.
Replied: Nikola - Desktop Movie Player - Minimazing Applications (301) Reply
(301)NikolaDesktop Movie Player - Minimazing Applications2017.03.30 12:50:07
Whenever I start a fullscren application, for example a game like WOW. It keeps minimazing it and it is as allmost Desktop Movie and WOW are fighting over which of them 2 are going to be displayed.
(299)FalcoRe:BassMidiVsti -> Multiple outputs2017.02.05 21:36:46
Thanks for your feedback. It would require a complete rewrite and would break standalone usage e.g. in SAVIHost.
I'm sure you are aware of it but I'm mentioning it anyway: in a DAW you can make even 16 instances of BassMidiVsti and send only one channel's messages per instance. You do not have to worry about memory usage since soundfont samples are only loaded once and shared among the instances.
Replied: Pascal - BassMidiVsti -> Multiple outputs (298) Reply
(298)PascalBassMidiVsti -> Multiple outputs2017.02.05 16:57:03
Hello, BassMidiVsti is a very very good plugin. I would be great to have 16 outputs, one for each midi channel, to use some vst effects on them.
Best regards,
(297)FalcoRe:Desktop Movie 2.6.1 need mp4 supporty2017.02.03 17:48:16
It does play MP4 files if you have the right directshow filters/splitter installed.
Have you read the readme file?
There's a section in the readme that explicitly explains what you have to do.
It starts as "In order to play MP4 videos..."
Replied: Nhan Ngo - Desktop Movie 2.6.1 need mp4 supporty (296) Reply
(296)Nhan NgoDesktop Movie 2.6.1 need mp4 supporty2017.02.03 16:20:08
it doesn't play mp4 videos
(295)FalcoRe:Great Software2017.01.22 11:34:17
Thanks for your feedback.
I'm considering adding this feature to the next version.
Replied: Turrican - Great Software (294) Reply
(294)TurricanGreat Software2017.01.21 23:28:47
Your midi player is one of the best players I test. I want to suggest one new feature. If I associate your player with default player for .mid files works but player opens new process instances for each file. Can you include single instance mode option? For me it's a good feature to include. If you include this, your player will be the best ^^ .
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