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(197)FalcoRe:What is that PhenomII Tweaker good for?2015.07.21 11:25:38
1. To be honest then this utility is probably not for you. I cannot be more clear about its usage scenarios than in the readme file.
Its most important feature is to defeat Intel's nasty CPU dispatcher without modifying Intel C++/Fortran compiled executables.
It's the only tool I know of that can do this on AMD processors.
More information:"
2. No, DOS itself is not a multicore enabled environment so not only the programs but the OS itself cannot use more than 1 CPU core. Moreover PII Tweaker is a Windows tool so it cannot be used in DOS. But you can use my PWR tool (can be found in the DOS softwares section) to alter Phenom's frequency under DOS.
3. No, Dosbox-like emulators use software emulated CPU so the programs inside Dosbox cannot see the host processor.
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