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(20)FalcoRe:Sony Virtual Remote2012.11.27 14:04:22
Thanks !
Replied: Rosen Stefanov - Sony Virtual Remote (19) Reply
(19)Rosen StefanovSony Virtual Remote2012.11.27 13:27:07
Sony Virtual Remote is a very good tool Congratulations and best wishes for your continued success.
(18)FalcoRe:Nx6325 memory problem2012.11.21 9:20:48
Hi !

This problem cannot be fixed, since it is hardware/bios related.
The Nx6325 supports only 32 bit addresses. This means theoretically 4GB, but the memory area of PCI devices, more precisely the address range of the video card starts at 0xC0000000 (3072MB -You can check this in the device manager of windows). So above this address system memory is not available. But the integrated video card requires additional 128MB of memory, so overall you get 2.87GB available system memory. 64 bit operating systems can only help in this situation if the hardware supports addresses above 32 bit so this range can be remapped above 32 bit. There is no such option in the NX6325.

Best Regards:
Zoltán Bacskó
Replied: Norberto Planchart - Nx6325 memory problem (17) Reply
(17)Norberto PlanchartNx6325 memory problem2012.11.21 8:54:44
Hello! Thanks for your collaboration to the community. I try to do the same but much smaller I write because I need your help.
I have a laptop model nx6325 with the problem of memory that does not recognize all memory even if it is listed. The bios sees 4GB Ram (2x2gb) but Windows (64-bit) use only 2.87 . It is a problem of the BIOS! You have a fix? Thank in advance!!!
(16)FalcoRe:Desktop Movie Windows 8 problem2012.11.08 8:36:28
Hi Rick! Desktop Movie requires hardware overlay support via Overlay Mixer directshow filter.
Apparently Overlay Mixer is broken in Windows 8 Release Preview. I couldn't try the final Win8 version so far. So it's a Microsoft bug, I can't do anything to fix it . The only thing we can do is to inform MS about this bug.
Replied: Rick - Desktop Movie Windows 8 problem (15) Reply
(15)RickDesktop Movie Windows 8 problem2012.11.08 1:52:31
RE: Desktop Movie Player
Currently on Windows8
As it stands, DreamScene etc. do NOT work at all. YOUR app I hear the sound but my wallpaper just turns to black... icons remain. Any ideas? As I said, your app goes further into Win8 than any other
(14)FalcoRe:Sony Virtual Remote problem2012.10.20 16:18:15
Hi Joan! What device did you select ?
Your Sony BD player, or your Sony TV ? Anyway, the error messages mean the device cannot provide the necessary functions that are required by the program, so You should try the other one. Moreover you can find my e-mail address at the home page and you should send the device document (right click context menu) to this address. Maybe I can find a way to support your devices if they support these functionalities differently.
Replied: Joan - Sony Virtual Remote problem (13) Reply
(13)JoanSony Virtual Remote problem2012.10.20 15:20:48
Running Sony Virtual Remote Control 1.1.4 on Win7 ultimate which is wired to a wireless router. Have a Bravia KDL55EX640 set up by commercial installers and Blu-ray model BDP-S185 which is used to access the internet--wirelessly through the router. Everything works. Started VRC and got error message, "Cannot Initialiaze IRCC service !" (clicked OK) then message, "Cannot get Sony X_CERS URL !" (clicked OK)The virtual remote displays, but with no functionality. What am I missing? Joan
(12)FalcoRe:Thanks2012.10.14 10:07:09
Hi Diego! You're Welcome
Replied: Diego - Thanks (11) Reply
(11)DiegoThanks2012.10.13 21:41:53
Hi Zoltan,
I want to acknowledge the help given, also congratulate the sony remote, a very good and helpful.
Greetings from Colombia.
(10)FalcoRe:Re:Re:Phenom Tweaker2012.09.26 18:10:00
Thuban is the same Phenom II architecture except for the 2 extra cores and turbo boost, so these programs should work.
What does exactly "has no effect" mean? If you refer to the phenomenon of clock speed reset after idle or high-load periods this is due to active Cool 'n' Quiet AMD driver. If you want to manually adjust CPU clock speeds then you should disable Cool 'n' Quiet in the BIOS or set operating system power scheme to max performance.
Best Regards: Zoltán Bacskó

Replied: Yuri - Re:Re:Phenom Tweaker (9) Reply
(9)YuriRe:Re:Phenom Tweaker2012.09.26 17:40:18
Alas both Phenom II Tweaker and K10stat has no effect on my Thuban (?). I've just tuned up hot keys for AMD CCC profiles (its "CPU power" tab controls P-states) - that works pretty good. Though CCC is not little and nice .
Replied: Falco - Re:Phenom Tweaker (8) Reply
(8)FalcoRe:Phenom Tweaker2012.09.26 15:08:11
Hi Yuri !
You can download Phenom II Tweaker that supports phenom and phenom II p-state settings from the windows software section . But to tell you the truth if you only want to over/under clock your processor there are more complete solutions for windows platforms eg. K10stat.
Replied: Yuri - Phenom Tweaker (7) Reply
(7)YuriPhenom Tweaker2012.09.26 11:41:09
Hi, Zoltan! You've created nice little utility PWR (Phenom P-State setting), but it is DOS only, that narrows its usability a bit. Could You please recreate it as a nice little Windows x32/64 program? I believe it would be needed. Please.Thanks.
(6)FalcoRe:Thanks for help2012.09.20 18:00:27
You're welcome, Jack!
Replied: Jack - Thanks for help (5) Reply
(5)JackThanks for help2012.09.20 17:31:41
Hey Zoltan - I want to publicly THANK YOU for all your prompt help via multiple emails to solve my problem with your Virtual Remote. It now works great! From my laptop I can control Netflix on my TV via my Sony S580 Blu-Ray player. I hated having to "type" text into Netflix with up/down, left right letter entries - Now I can just type on my laptop keyboard directly. It's wonderful!

Zoltan YOU ROCK!!!
Thanks again.
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