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(283)JánosPc fejlesztés2016.11.02 19:19:32
Itt küldöm a PC adatait. Kérdéseim:
1. Valamit kell-e rajta állítani,hogy gyorsabb legyen?
2. Érdemes-e fejleszteni?
3. Érdemes-e videókártyát cserélni és milyen tipust?
4. Érdemes-e SSD-t hozzáadni? Milyen tipust ajánlsz ehhez a pc-hez?
Nagyon szépen köszönöm a segítséget, János
Operációs rendszer Windows 10 Pro 32-bit
CPU Intel Pentium E5400 Mag 2
RAM Használt memória foglalat 2 Szabad memória foglalat 0 Memória Típus DDR2 4096 MB
Alaplap Gyártó FOXCONN Modell G41MX
Grafika ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 Series
Tároló ST3320418AS ATA Device típus
(282)FalcoRe:thanks2016.07.17 17:03:04
The filters should be installed first.
Then they should be used by desktop movie automatically.
Since desktop movie is a 32 bit application make sure you install the 32 bit version of the filters even if you have a 64 bit operating system (e.g. you should install MP4 Splitter 1.5.1640 - Black Edition without the X64 postfix).
Replied: RJ. - thanks (281) Reply
(281)RJ.thanks2016.07.17 15:28:11
How do I add the filters to the active directshow filterlist ?
they do not show up by automaticly.
Hence the mp4 still won't play.
(280)FalcoRe:Mpeg4 support2016.07.17 15:00:39
Desktop Movie has mp4 support for a long time. You only need the correct directshow filters for playing mp4 files. Look at messages 173 - 178 for a more complete answer.
Replied: RJ - Mpeg4 support (279) Reply
(279)RJMpeg4 support2016.07.17 12:26:58
I like this program a lot.
One problem I keep running into is that many dreamscenes and other
apropriate video's are not in wmv format but usually in mp4 (youtube download).
So far I have been unsussesfull in finding a converter that actually works correctly.
So my request is this:
Could you add mp4 fuctionality to Desktop movie player, please?
(278)FalcoRe:desktop movie2016.06.20 21:42:43
I suspect you have an AMD/ATI video card. If I'm right your problem is driver related. The only solution so far is to use an older WDDM 1.3 driver made for Win8.1 (works perfectly with Win10 anyway). Look at my reply on AMD's forum.
Replied: erixxx - desktop movie (277) Reply
(277)erixxxdesktop movie2016.06.20 17:45:48
i can't use desktop movie at windows 10. there's no video but audio play.
please help me with my problem
(276)FalcoRe:Desktopmovie works great.2016.05.29 19:48:55
I have added the requested Shuffle/Repeat one saving and restoring feature.
You can download the new version from the windows software section.
Filling more than one monitor at once is not possible because of hardware limits.
In case of hardware video overlays it's true that 'There can be only one'
Replied: Roark - Desktopmovie works great. (275) Reply
(275)RoarkDesktopmovie works great.2016.05.28 23:12:41
Works great as best as I can tell on Windows 10. Best on the market for the price
On updates - remembering whether play once or shuffle was pressed would be nice.
filling both monitors in a multi monitor system would be nice but I'm not complaining. I tried the others - you won and not just because you are donation ware either.
(274)FalcoRe:soundfonts dependent samples2016.05.14 22:04:23
There are many differences. The most important ones are the different bank switching mechanism (MSB vs LSB) and sysex messages. So if a midi file targets specifically XG (especially if using sysex messages for patches, banks, effects) then it will sound bad in GS and vice versa.
If you would like to hear how a GS/XG midi is really intended to sound you should not use sf2 soundfonts.
The sf2 format is tightly bound to GM/GS so it's almost impossible to fully implement XG sound with it.
But full GS compatible soundfonts are also rare.
For old pre-GM DOS game midis use Munt Roland MT-32 emulator (almost perfect).
For GS midis try the recently released Roland Sound Canvas VA (perfect SC-55/88 emulation).
For XG midis try to find Yamaha S-YXG50 softsynth (works only with XP) or its recently released Portable VSTi version. Not so high quality by today standards but completely XG compatible.
All of them work with Midiplayer.
Replied: Gerhalt - soundfonts dependent samples (273) Reply
(273)Gerhaltsoundfonts dependent samples2016.05.14 14:56:39
It's me once again. Have just recalled what i wanted to ask long ago:
What's the major difference between, say, GS/SC88 and XG oriented midi tables? I mean do i have to use exactly xg-sampled soundfonts in order to hear tunes sounding the way they were meant to be heard? :o and what if i use gm/gs based container when listening to some sc88 midis?
I tried googling specifically for sc88/xg containing soundfonts, but there's only very few of them, and besides i didnt like the way they sounded...
(272)GerhaltRe:missing midiplayer caption2016.05.14 6:37:01
I've watched that vid of yours. What can i say, you're using xp as well as i do, but there's app caption (midi player...) within your alttab menu. Mine's still empty. I wonder what's the reason behind it.
Before i forgot: since my xp contains sp3 it's pretty obviously x86, oh and i'm using ... and it rocks if an appropriate sample container is used. Such a fine utility, i love it!
Replied: Gerhalt - missing midiplayer caption (270) Reply
(271)FalcoRe:missing midiplayer caption2016.05.08 17:10:13
Unfortunately I cannot reproduce your issue. Please, write a little more about what OS and Midiplayer version you are using (x86/x64 etc.).
The captions of Alt+tab icons behave differently in XP and post-XP operating systems but both work in case of Midiplayer some way. Watch my test video below.
Replied: Gerhalt - missing midiplayer caption (270) Reply
(270)Gerhaltmissing midiplayer caption2016.05.08 11:57:37
Hey, Zoltan!
It's been quite a while since i talked to you last time. But i kept visiting your page looking for hot updates.
Anyway, here's the minor issue i want you to know: whenever i use alt+tab to switch apps there's no midi player caption, only the logo icon. Yeah, i know it's not a big deal, but it's there and looks odd.
P.S. gotta mail to you with some nice fresh icons asap! Just a reminder...
Keep it up man!
(269)FalcoRe:Suggestion2016.04.13 7:16:59
Unfortunately no, since using hardware video overlay is the essential part of the trick/effect DM uses. EVR can not use copy-less hardware overlay operations but only D3D.
More info (look at the comment section for my replies):
Replied: mAURICE - Suggestion (268) Reply
(268)mAURICESuggestion2016.04.12 22:39:00
any possibility, that the Desktop movie player using Enhanced Video Renderer from Windows 7 up to Windows 10?
(267)FalcoRe:Hardverhiba2016.04.05 21:07:40
Tisztelt Levente,
El kellene hozni a gépet, mivel helyszínre kiszálláskor korlátozottabbak a diagnosztikai lehetőségek.
Replied: Levente - Hardverhiba (266) Reply
(266)LeventeHardverhiba2016.04.05 18:29:07
Tisztelt Zoltán!
A következő gond lenne az asztali számítógépünkkel: most nem bootol, azelőtt meg csak a ventillátorok pörögtek fel és leállt, majd újból bekapcsolt.
Konfog: alaplap Asus P5Q LGA775, proci Intel QuadCore Q6600, Memória: GEIL 4 x 2GByte DDR2 Ultra Plus Dual Channel Kit(EOL)PC2-8500 DDR2-1066 , Merevlemez: WD VelocityRaptor 10000rpm 150GByte SATA. Táp: corsair 500W, VGA: PCI-E 2.0 Asus Nvidia 8800GTS 512MByte, a gép nem volt soha húzva, régebben 3D-s CAD rajzolásra használtuk, ma az unokaöcsém ezen csinálja a gimis házikat meg World of Tanks-et játszik.
Sajnos nem vagyok most otthon, így nem tudom megnéni, hogy mi a baj, ezért vagy elvinné neked a géped ha az egyszerűbb, vagy kihív házhoz. Annyi, hogy ez a táp most új, mert arra gyanakodtunk, de lehet, hogy az alaplap vagy a proci ment tönkre, de ehhez én már úgy igazán nem értek, meg nincs tesztelő modulom sem, így inkább szakemberre bíznám a dolgot. A napokban biztos hívni fog.
(264)FalcoRe:Where is the RECORD button to be found on midiPlayer 32016.03.27 17:28:32
Replied: David Arrayet - Where is the RECORD button to be found on midiPlayer 3 (263) Reply
(263)David ArrayetWhere is the RECORD button to be found on midiPlayer 32016.03.27 13:04:53
Where is the record button to be found on MidPlayer3
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