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(170)paul nfsworld2015.04.19 23:16:26
hello i seen your programing skills here with all your programs and i just wanted to ask if you have already or if you could build a program that will allow players to continue enjoying the nfsw game after they shut down the servers in july ? i might be able to host the server if i could get the files to do so , or do u think there is a way to add a connect to ip for the cleint side of nfsw ?Please can you help ?
(169)OmarDesktop Movie 2.42015.04.19 0:56:59
Thanks for answer soon, maybe I did not explain clear, I would like the play list play videos in random order, no sequential and save last position played, and thanks and congratulations for your great job, good night
(168)FalcoRe:Desktop Movie 2.42015.04.18 23:48:30
Hi Omar,
Desktop Movie 2.4 already has the ability to memorize video(s).
You should check Start Up->Restore Playlist context menu item.
Regarding randomize I have never utilized this feature in any players I have used so far so I have not felt the need for it.
But I'm going to consider it.
Replied: Omar - Desktop Movie 2.4 (167) Reply
(167)OmarDesktop Movie 2.42015.04.18 22:13:25
My Pc has Windows 8.1 64 bits, desktop Movie 2.4 works fine, I would like if I can put the play list in randomize mode or memorize last video played and continue next time in that point, thanks, excuse my englis is not fine, I am from Venezuela, regards
(166)FalcoRe:access violation "ATI_Encoder" win 7 642015.04.05 9:01:19
Maybe, but I suspect the error occurs at the decoding stage (since it's independent from the chosen output).
Decoding stage can vary from system to system since it uses the user installed directshow filters for the given format.
So try different codec pack, splitters etc.
It could be helpful to check what module drops the access violation, and what filters the 'Filter check' show.
Replied: Albert - access violation "ATI_Encoder" win 7 64 (165) Reply
(165)Albertaccess violation "ATI_Encoder" win 7 642015.04.05 0:53:30
access violation "ATI_Encoder" win 7 64
Catalyst 14.12 Win 7 64 extreme (no service pack)
Error shows up a bit wile after hitting "start"
Input file AVI, output any of present options.
Please, any suggestions?
May be 14.12 too new?
(162)FalcoRe:Midi Player 2.62015.02.12 15:16:37
Hi Raul,
1. I don't know what you mean by 'multichannel files'. General Midi defines 16 midi channels (with channel 10 reserved for percussion) and Midi Player naturally can handle these. If you mean type 1 multi-track midi files the answer is also yes, Midi Player can handle these.
2. Yes, you can control channel volumes. All the knobs on the user interface are per channel controls. You can choose the actual channel with the rightmost channel selector updown control.
Replied: raul - Midi Player 2.6 (161) Reply
(161)raulMidi Player 2.62015.02.12 14:08:58
This doesn't allow to play multichannel files?
If it does: can I control channelvolumes?
(160)Thomas DeSpainMidi Player 2015.02.04 0:39:20
Ok i did download like you said and it
is now Midi Player 2.1.6. Works find i like it very much. Thank You....
(159)FalcoRe:Midi Player 1.72015.02.03 6:10:18
I don't know where you downloaded MidiPlayer 2.6.1 from but on my site I have checked the file and it is the correct one.
Namely ''.
This is a portable software so there is no installer included. I suspect you used some other site's download manager that installed an older version.
Go to the windows software section and download directly by clicking the link 'Soundfont Midi Player 2.6.1'.
Replied: Thomas DeSpain - Midi Player 1.7 (158) Reply
(158)Thomas DeSpainMidi Player 1.72015.02.03 3:16:43
When i downloaded Soundfont Midi Player 2.6.1. And installed it say's
Midi Player 1.7. I need the Midi Player 2.6. So all of the Soundfonts work.
(157)FalcoRe:I have an idea for CPU saving2015.02.02 14:59:06
1. Although there is no permanent label on the vertical slider a hint 'Volume' is shown if the cursor points to it.
2. Ok, I will consider this idea as an optional feature.
Thanks for your donation.
Replied: Jorell Dye - I have an idea for CPU saving (156) Reply
(156)Jorell DyeI have an idea for CPU saving2015.02.01 8:33:26
Here's an idea you may like: how about pausing the video while any other application takes full screen, but scaling the position value so that the video resumes from where it would have been if it had been left unpaused?
This could be made an option?
Therefore if we load a game, the movie background will not swallow up cpu power.
Replied: Jorell Dye - Why no sound settings? (154) Reply
(155)Jorell DyeRe:Why no sound settings?2015.02.01 8:25:54
Lol nevermind I'm an idiot. All I had to do was open the app from the tray and use the vertical slider. So, rather, for idiots like me, please label the sound slider
Replied: Jorell Dye - Why no sound settings? (154) Reply
(154)Jorell DyeWhy no sound settings?2015.02.01 8:23:17
I would donate, but I can't use your application because it only plays videos as wallpaper including sound. So, I can't do what I want to in Windows because I can't use my speakers for other things.
I have a super overclocked i7 and two GTX 970's in SLI, and I don't care about the performance impact or my electric bill, so I'd just leave the video as my wallpaper. Please email me when you have added a mute function in the app, and I will donate.
(152)FalcoRe:Sony IP control2015.01.09 16:56:00
after registration you can use the sendText API function on 2011-12 Bravia models.
On newer Bravia models there is a completely different (JSON based) API I have never experimented with.
Replied: Adam - Sony IP control (151) Reply
(151)AdamSony IP control2015.01.09 12:28:07
I'm writing quite similar software. So far I'm able to "push" every button. I wonder if there is a better way to send text than using cursor keys. How did yo do it?
Thank You.
(150)FalcoRe:Aero in Windows 72015.01.03 12:31:43
None that I know of. Win7 always switches Aero off when hardware video overlay is activated.
Replied: Bobby Smash - Aero in Windows 7 (149) Reply
(149)Bobby SmashAero in Windows 72015.01.03 6:36:16
Anyway to re-enable aero in windows 7 while using this?
(145)FalcoRe:NICE WORK2014.09.27 1:37:33
Thanks, I think you refer to Desktop Movie.
Anyway this is not possible because of hardware video overlay limitations on all the video cards I have ever met so far (only 1 hardware overlay surface is available).
Replied: FreeTimeGamer - NICE WORK (144) Reply
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