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(194)GerhaltRe:Re:midiplayer hotkeys suggestions2015.07.20 19:38:40
wow, Zoltan you're simply awesome!
umm, should I regrab zip archive containing refreshed binary or it'll work for the current one (by adding certain strings to the ini file)?
and now I'll become somewhat annoying, but I'll request this anyway (sorry...) since I can't help missing the following feature: Zoltan, I ask you to consider implementing the support of those generic multimedia keys found on most (if not every) modern keyboards. I suppose you've got that one too. I often recall the times I used to listen to my music by means of Windows Media Player. it's capable of recognizing those MM keys even when minimized, unlike most other software, that can understand command if its window's active only. alas, but otherwise they (MM keys) do nothing.
anyway, that was my suggestion #... erm, whatever. I hope I didn't seem demanding or anything.
I'm deeply grateful to you, Zoltan, for all the effort you put into your projects. they're extremely useful (and freeware, he-he). I'll definitely try to post more feedback, if you don't mind of course.
best wishes.
p.s. dammit I forgot something once again... will contact once I've recalled that one.
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