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(200)Gerhaltan odd qurstion2015.07.25 9:45:51
Hello! I decided to disturb you once again, but this time I'm gonna ask you quite weird thing. You always pack your binaries with upx. Why do you do that?
As far as I know upx is good in 2 cases: if a file has a large size, and if you wish to protect it from reverse ingeneering by means of encryption. So since your PEs have relatively small file sizes, I believe you keep on packing them in order to prevent someone's attempts of altering, right?
However I still dont get it since upx encryption is way too weak for an expert to decrypt. Or maybe it's some kinda "antidummy shield" in your opinion?
Dont get me wrong, I'm not insisting on its removal. I'd like to know the purpose of packing binaries: is there any reasonable point of view for doing so? Please explain this to me!
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