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(198)Gerhaltone more irritating query...2015.07.22 9:25:41
Hi there. I seem to become predictable. Nevertheless, I believe it's okay to seek answers here, especially if they are given by a knowledgeable person such as you, Zoltan. I wish I could help folks like you do, but I just lack the required level of expertise.
I guess you are right about PII Tweaker tool. It's simply not my cup of tea, so to speak.
And here goes yet another thought of mine. I wonder is there a way to swap the default gm.dls samples container with some custom soundfont so that any midi playback capable software could use it instead? I mean the case with no external sound card. Is it only achieveable via bassmidi library with no options available?
I remember some discussion of this matter at un4seen queries thread that sounded like "in order to do so one has to install the mentioned plugins into sys32 dir, where they are instantly registered and ready to be used". Is it really that necessary? Though it's not a big deal, I'd like to know wherher I can manage without those libraries or not?
Regardless of your answer thank you very much. Cheers!
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