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(191)Gerhaltmidiplayer hotkeys suggestions2015.07.20 9:57:03
Oy there Zoltan! yep, it's me again.
Thanks for your instant reply, I really appreciate that. The solution you suggested (disabling esc2quit) is quite enough for me since it works just fine.
OK, here's my question concerning new feature integrated in the latest version, I'm talking about the ability to save recordings in compressed formats like mp3. Ummm, could you explain how that works please. I mean okay I put some lame library next to executable binary, what am I supposed to do next? Moreover, is there a way to add the support of other lossy compression formats like ogg & wma? Oh, and speaking of formats, what about some lossless codecs like ape & flac?
In conclusion I'd like to suggest an idea of cicling through all available soundfonts (5 to be more precise) that are set in bassmidi config dialog, via some shortcut like shift+s. Thus you'll be granted an ability to listen to those fave midi tunes of yours while deciding what soundfont they sound better with. and of course let's not forget about the test purposes.
I guess that's all for the time being.
Speak 2 U soon. Cheers.
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