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(189)GerhaltSFMIDI Player shortcuts2015.07.19 19:21:35
Hey, Zoltan!
First of all lemme say thanks a really lot! Your software's amazing, especially the one I'm using (that awesome midi player of yours). Keep it up dude, way to go!
Okay, now to the point. I got a simple request here, regarding those eponimous shortcuts used in the player. Yeah, I'm aware of F1-F8 that are used to alter octaves, but are there any more hotkeys available? I mean besides space (pause) & escape (quit)? btw, could you please reassign closing of the application from the mentioned esc key to, say, alt+x combination? That way you'll get rid of unintended app quitting.
Finally, the last (but not least) query for now: what soundfont do you prefer (except your reality gmgs mod) and use regularly?
Best regards & cheers. Gerhalt.
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