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(183)JohnHow to select a video once and have desktop movie play that 2015.05.11 15:55:09
I downloaded Desktop Movie onto my Windows 8.1 computer and it works great. Except that every time I start my computer I have to select the movie I would like to use as my desktop wallpaper. Is there a way to enable a feature in Desktop Movie so that it automatically plays the same video when I restart and log into my computer?
Also, when my computer auto-locks I receive the following error message "Application Error. Exception EAccessViolation in module dmovie.exe at 00497D00. Access violation at address 00498D00. Write of address FFFFFFFF." Why am I receiving an access violation error and how can this be fixed?
I should also mention, since some programs are only compatible with certain video formats, that the video I wish to use as the desktop wallpaper is in .mp4 format.
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