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(178)FalcoRe:Re:Desktop Movie Player - Video formats2015.04.24 8:44:04
That's definitely not the core issue.
I can easily play your 1080p video with desktop movie under Win8 on my 1680x1050 monitor.
Here is a screenshot about what filters are utilized.
Not only the decoder filter, but the splitter is important(audio filter is irrelevant, it can be e.g. ffdshow Audio Decoder).
If yours is different try Codec Tweak Tool to set the preferred splitter as well( it is labelled as Gabest).
I have not mentioned so far, but video card drivers can be a problem, too.
E.g. Intel is notorious to release drivers with broken hardware overlay support.
And please let's continue this conversation in private and not flame the Message board with directshow specific problems.
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